Meet Stinky. Stinky was found in the desert behind the M Resort scared, alone, very hungry, and thirsty in the hot summer of 2009. Stinky’s rescuer took him to the vet for hydration, checkup, and to see if he was micro-chipped. He didn’t have a microchip nor did he have dog tags so Stinky’s rescuer took him home and found him a new home with loving parents and another puppy friend.  Luckily we knew Stinky’s rescuer so we decided to adopt Stinky. We love Stinky very much and since we have taken him home he’s put on about 6 pounds, he’s healthy, happy, and he loves going to the dog park. Although he had a hard life before we took him home, we’re very glad to have him and are thankful he’s healthy and safe. He is a pure bred Puggle, he is now fully vaccinated and micro-chipped in case he ever gets lost again. Please take care of your pets, it’s too hot for them to be outside!

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