Technology: What do we actually need

When Apple came out with the iPad, I wondered “what would people do with that?”  The question really is “why do they need that” or are our new technology items needed, or just useful. 

Last year I purchased a GPS for my car.  Prior to buying that, I would use “old fashioned” methods to find someone’s house, such as Google and Mapquest.  In this case, the technology was needed.  It was safer to have an in-route navigation system than to constantly be looking at driving directions while in traffic.  (And Yes, I do find it ironic that my old fashioned method involved the internet). 

Recently I traded in my BlackBerry and cell phone in for an iPhone4 and DROID X.  I did not know what to expect, or even if I had needed a smart phone.  But I knew I wanted one.  This was probably due to the sheer amount of advertising that goes into marketing the various applications available for both.

But I saw real possibilities here.  By choosing a multi-use device, I could carry one item that meets my needs. 

My smart phones are not just phones.  My smart phones are cameras, good ones, as well as camcorders.  I can scan a Barcode of a product and instantaneously see information on that product, including where I can buy it the cheapest. 

My smart phone can also provide me with GPS directions on a Golf course.  No longer do I have to search ten seconds for a sprinkler head to tell me my distance to the hole, now I can access the same information on my smart phone which will take me approximately ten seconds as well.  But now I see a picture of the Golf course on my phone. 

In this case, I would say I adapted to my technology, a nice to have, but not a necessity. 

My smart phones allow me to search my e-mail wherever I am.  I can post interesting facts about myself on Facebook, such as “is watching Hot Tub Time Machine”. 

Instead of opening a cookbook, I can search for recipes online.  I can chat with friends online, instead of using the old fashioned calling them on the telephone method.  While these things are useful, I wonder how necessary they really are if I did not need them prior to owning a smart phone.

So, while the new technology smart phones are very useful, there are old fashioned methods for obtaining the same results.  But perhaps need is subjective and only occurs when we get used to our technology, when WE adapt to IT. 

Which goes back to my original question: why do people need an iPad (or any other new piece of technology)?  The answer is “they really do not” until they get one and adapt to it. 

Note: In next week’s Las Vegas Informer I will provide an in depth comparison of the DROID X and iPhone4.

Article written by Bud Grant

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