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Just J Art Gallery (107 E Charleston Blvd, #235), inside the “The Arts Factory” is currently displaying “The Art of Mitchell Todd”.  The artist dares to go where others may not.  In his collection “Breaking the Illusion”, the artist depicts his life and experiences as an African-American.  The world can sometimes be cruel as shown in his work.  He definitely paints from his emotions.  This last First Friday came with a lot of emotion and discussion of the work from all walks of life. 

Visit the gallery to experience first hand the work.  or visit the artist’s site at  Not all pieces from the “Breaking the Illusion” are featured on his website.

Artist Biography
There’s an illusion to this world.  We want to sweep away the fear and the negativity and only see the story where everything ends happily ever after.  My illusion of this world was broken when my mother passed away when I was eight years old.  I knew then that my story wouldn’t end in a fairy tale.  That was quite possibly when I knew I wanted to be an artist.  After seeing Dali’s “Accommodations of Desire” and seeing why the ants congregated on the stones in it, I started to see what Dali saw.  What a terrible surreal world we live in.  We live in a world where Pro-Life advocates murder abortion doctors.  A world where men of the cloth have sex with underage children.  My art reflects that.  How else would a non-African American know what it means to be an African American male.  Through my art I try to break down these illusions.  I want others to see through the lie, to see the harsh reality and be seeing, therefore changing it, so we all might live happily ever after.

Born in Columbus Georgia in 1965.  Upon graduating from high school enlisted into the United States Air force serving in Texas, Spain and Nebraska.   After being honorably discharged, moved to Las Vegas and attended UNLV majoring in Fine Art.

Mitchell Todd –

Article written by Janean Meyer

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