New USFL Planned for 2012

*New league will feature 12 teams, Nevada team still planned

Written by Joe Buda

According to a Michael Dwyer in a recent interview, the New USFL (United States Football League) will begin play in the Spring of 2012 with 12 teams.  Dwyer also provided other updates on the new league. 

The decision to start the league in Spring 2012 versus Spring 2011 was based on a few deciding factors:

  • This avoids the NFL strike altogether
  • This gives the new teams more time to prepare
  • The league starts with more teams

By avoiding the NFL strike, this avoids the turmoil that might occur if NFL players join the team, only to leave as soon as the strike is over. 

Preparation time was also an important factor.  According to Dwyer it would “do more harm to the league if we don’t do it right.”  By going with 2012, instead of 2011, the team owners will have more time to prepare, generate excitement, and gain the support of the community.

The owners and team front offices “will have one year under their belts” before play starts. 

The plan for 2011 called for six-to-eight teams, while the plan for 2012 called for 12 teams.  Having more teams gives the league a stronger product.

Play for the new league is currently planned to start in March 2012, and end in July. For a Nevada (Las Vegas) team, that will mean more games at night when the temperatures are cooler, especially in the Summer months. 

The owners and locations of the teams will be announced when all 12 are finalized.  However, it was confirmed that Nevada (Las Vegas) is still planned.  “The Nevada location is being held for an owner”, according to Dwyer.   

It is expected that all 12 owners and locations will be finalized in the next few months. 

The home office for the New USFL will be Memphis, Tennessee.  This location was chosen because it is “centrally located, it works well for people. “  While other locations such as Orlando and Las Vegas were considered, having the office in Memphis was “best for the league”. 

While expansion is limited to two teams per year, Dwyer would like to see the league not add any new teams until year three.  Dwyer reasoned that expanding too soon could cause disruption to the New USFL. 

Playing in the Spring

Playing in the Spring, as opposed to the Fall was a simple decision.  The New USFL did not want to make the same mistakes as the original USFL and go head-to-head with the NFL.  Also there is a possibility of greater disruption to teams by playing in the fall by players leaving the league mid-season to go play in the NFL.

This goes back to the New USFL’s positioning itself as another league, not a “feeder minor-league for the NFL”. 

The Players

Dwyer also discussed the talent level of players that may be available to the league.  He quotes Bill Walsh in that “the last 16 players you cut are equally as good as the last 16 players you keep.”

“There is plenty of talent out there,” Dwyer added.

For interested players, Dwyer suggested that they “keep an eye on the website” to see when tryouts are announced for the teams. 

To assist interested players, the league will not charge for player tryouts. 

A combine is “a great marketing tool, but it makes money off of these guys dreams.”

The league, as reported before in The Las Vegas Informer, will also give the rights to players from the closest five colleges and universities to team owners.  The owners will be able to hold the rights to between 26 and 30 players. 

The Nevada (Las Vegas) team owner will have the rights to former UNLV players, as well as the other four closest schools. 

The league will also hold a draft for players. 

For the Love of the Game

The New USFL’s slogan is “for the love of the game”.  This comes into account in several different ways.

First off, the players in the New USFL will all have something to prove.  The expectation is that they will cause them to play harder, as they did in the original USFL. 

Dwyer recounted how someone told him that the NFL practices were “tame in comparison to the (original) USFL.”

One of the main goals of the New USFL is to “bring back football to the fans.”

Season ticket holders will have access to six practices.  At these practices will be a meet-and-greet, where the fans can form stronger connections to the players, and vice-versa. 

“Imagine a player comes off the field, looks up into the stands and says ‘hi’ to a fan” Dwyer added. 

Dwyer’s Future

When the ownership structure is finalized and announced, Dwyer’s role with the league will change.  Dwyer is going to own the Los Angeles team.  His role will transition to owner. 

Dwyer is quite excited to own the Los Angeles team.  He especially likes the talent available to him as the Los Angeles team will get the rights to the USC and UCLA players. 

As new updated become available, we will continue to report on them here at

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2 Responses to New USFL Planned for 2012

  1. here we go again. the thought of another alternative league in the US to the NFL is enbarking on an almost impossible situation. The leagues is the past that had succeeded where at a time when circumstances were different. In the 6o’s the original AFL was going up a much smaller NFL franchise wise. The population of the US was growing rapicly after the babyboon of post WWII. there were a lot of cities that now had a population to sustain a pro football team. in cities that had recent population growths. san diego, oakland, kansas city, houston, and so on. There were more than enough top caliber players to fill both leagues the Meger made sence as the NFL almost doubled in size.
    The 80’s the USFL came in as the players in the NFL were not being compensted fairly and it gave the players an oppuritunity to earn money and for rookies to play rite away as the NFL practic at the time was that rookies had to wait their turn and was thought that they were not able to make an impact due to the transition. This got the NFL to change its labor, salary, rookie players stance, and free agency. The USFL really didnt stand a chance aftert the NFL was put in place and their was no room for merger as they competed in NFL cities Fall or spring the NFL adjusted and the USFL did its job and the league folded.
    With the number of teams in the NFL and the salaries they are paid there will never be a successful alternative pro league to the nfl in the US major or minor. The NCAA is their minor league and their practice squad are their develpmental program.
    THE CFL has stood the test of time becase it does not depend on a US audience to support the league. It has its on fanbase its own National TV contract and the league employs 50% of US players to go along with 50% of their countrymen. THe league currently has ar t least one City, Quebec City that is almost assured success. any serious ownership group loooking to get involved in an alternative football league needs to look North as the CFL is on solid ground and a few good ownership groups will be able to fill Quebec City and two other likely successfull regions or cities. The atlatic region mad up of new brunswich and Nova scotia has a good possibility to succed as a regional franchise as TV audience would be the key as 1.6 millon live in tis region. Colrado/denver is a regional team as it draws a fan base from that whole region with high TV ratings.
    The other city is London city Ontario 10th largest in canada. a strong college football base here. It sits in apocket where it will have its own fanbse as it sits between the detroit and Toronto area in which it really has no affilation to
    With baltimore and washington DC teams just sitting an hour and a half from philadelphia it would be like saying that if there were no baltimore franchises they would become part of the philly market. This certainly was not the case when the colts left. IN fact it took a CFL franchise to prove that a football team in baltimore would be successful financially

  2. Los Angeles Sombreros are coming.

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