Who is Charlie Rivero

Written by Janean Meyer

Charlie Rivero is a new up and coming artist is starting to spread his style of adult contemporary / pop with an eclectic feel and a very organic vibe. He recorded his solo album – Roman, and his single – That’s Ok, which has created a sound that was very unique in a very musical way. Charlie Rivero was born January 23 1973 in Torrance Ca, and began playing the drums at the age of 7 and really began to come alive in his musical creations as he got older. During the creation of his solo album – Roman, and his single – That’s Ok in late 2008 / early 2009, Charlie was shooting his own music videos to start creating a visual for people so they can start getting an idea of what was to come for his music. Now his solo album and single are both available for download purchase at www.nomosa.com, and soon at a store near you.

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