App Attack: Backbreaker Football

Written by Bud Grant

In this week’s App Attack we are going to explore a game app: Backbreaker Football.

We will look at this game and grade it not so much on usefulness, as we have done with past reviews, but will judge this on graphics, sounds, playability and fun factor.

This app was tested on the DROID X. 

Price: $2.99

Backbreaker Football is an arcade style game that cannot be confused with Madden.  In Madden, the player plays an entire football game, both offense and defense, chooses plays, etc.  Backbreaker is much simpler.  The goal of the player is to control the runner, evade tackles and get into the end zone.  The goal is repeated and becomes increasingly more challenging. 

Graphics:  The 3D graphics on this game are quite good and offer a great attention to detail.  The depth and visuals really seem to pop with the DROID X display.  The player can see the football field, as well as any defenders clearly. 

Sounds: The sounds add a lot to the gameplay, from the crowd cheers to the runner’s breaths.  Much as with the graphics, a lot of detail went into the game sounds.

Playability: This game is easy to operate.  I was tentative about playing a football game on the DROID X as I thought it might be too cumbersome to integrate all of the various controls needed for a football game onto the DROID X screen.  I was wrong.  By keeping the goal simple, run into the end zone while avoiding defenders, the amount of controls required were limited.

The player has the option to choose the standard runner, or customize if they choose to.  Making this an option means less wait time for the player to begin the game. 

Here are the controls: tilting the DROID X controls the direction the player in running, there are also controls on screen for Sprint, Juke (both left and right), Spin (both left and right) and Showboat, which allows the player to show off after passing the defenders. 

Fun Factor:  The graphics, sounds, and playability lend themselves to a fun gaming experience.  This game is enjoyable and can be addictive.  This game really immerses the player into its world. 

Summary: This game is a fun, addictive game that is worth the $2.99 purchase price.  A downside to the game is that is does not work on earlier Android models, such as the G1 or the Hero.  But that is an upside for those with newer phones as the game designers did not cut corners in this game to support old hardware.

Rating: 5 out of 5 bars

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