The Empowerment Column (10): “A Universal Truth”

Written by Rev. Thabiti

As we allow our spiritual awareness to be more activated we begin to see and understand our lives in a brand new refreshing way.  We now realize that Life is our greatest teacher and puts us all exactly where we need to be to learn the lessons necessary to wake us up.  Awaken to the absolute truth of our real nature of love, peace, happiness, wisdom, harmony, compassion forgiveness and beauty.  On this day, we release and let go of all fear, anger, worry and guilt. 

Take this precious moment to pause and tap into the power source within you.  From an activated awareness we see and know that all is well and life is good.  As we move into a deeper sense of gratitude for this awareness we allow happiness to flow through and from us into the ever expanding nature of life.

Within each and every one of us there is stillness and silence dwelling deep within our soul.  A Universal Truth is, inside of you and everyone there is the presence of our being that simply expresses itself as I AM.

This I AM presence says “Look to me, for I AM your source and I AM your supply.  Come to me, for I will give you rest, healing and restoration.  Have faith in me, for I specialize in all things that seem impossible.  Trust in me for I make all things new.  I AM the way.  I AM the truth.  I AM the light.  I AM all that there is. See me everywhere I AM.  I AM the eternal here and now.  I AM that – Thou art that – All this is that.  And remember, I AM with you always.”

The Nature of the Spirit is perfect, whole and complete.  It is also Infinite and Eternal, omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent.  Another Universal Truth is, Nature’s laws are here to serve you. This is why if you do the things that make people poor, you will be poor, and if you do the things that make people wealthy, you will be wealthy.  Apply this truth and you will always be empowered.

Eternal Blessings,

This article is dedicated to Sarah Michaels, Reiki Master & Spiritual Teacher.  She can be contacted at

Rev. Thabiti is the CEO at, Executive Director at and inventor of the world’s first Personal Time-Map.  Put yourself at a greater advantage in your situation –

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