Getting To Know Lisa Jackson

By Informer Staff

Growing up in Austin Town Ohio, Lisa Jackson, 41, has always been  into fashion and modeling. When I sat down to interview Ms. Jackson she explained to me that she was not always working in that field. Having a BA in Communications she to was once a reporter working for The Detroit News.

In November of 2009 her mother had gone in for surgery for stomach cancer but doctors discovered it was too late and told Ms. Jackson it was terminal after finding more spots on her stomach. Lisa took care of her mother until her passing in February of 2010. After her mother’s passing she did not want to be there anymore and felt she needed a change of location and moved to Las Vegas.

She saw an advertisement for Rain Makeup School and decided to apply and was accepted. Graduating a short time later she is focused and determined to build her portfolio. When asked what it was like studying under Rain Andreani who is famous for the Rain cosmetic line she said “She is a leading celebrity makeup artist, A true mentor and friend.” She went on to tell me that Mrs. Andreani looks out for her students and wants each student to succeed and be the best they can in their field.

Ms. Jackson has been doing freelance work for 5 months now and continues to strive in her field. When asked what sets her apart from other makeup artists she stated “You have to study a person and their features.” Being asked what advice she would would give people starting in the industry she stated “I really believe in training such as taking classes and learning proper techniques.” One thing people need to really learn is how to keep their kit in order and clean. Marketing yourself and constantly learning is also very important. Ms. Jackson also stresses look at fashion magazines what are the newest trends?

Ms. Jackson does plan on having her own makeup line one day as well but told The Las Vegas Informer that she would most likely specialize in lipstick. Ms. Jackson does offer consultations with her clients. Lisa Jackson can be contacted by phone at (702)545-7830 or at her email address at or on twitter at Lisajmakeupart.

About Rodney Bethke Jr: He is a transplant from California who has lived and worked in the Las Vegas valley for over 11 years. Freelance writer for The Las Vegas Informer and photographer as well. Rodney owns and operates a home inventory company in the Vegas valley that specializes in documenting personal and business property for insurance purposes in case of a loss. He can be reached at 1-702-684-3447.

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