The Empowerment Column (11): “Instant Enlightenment – So Be It, Unto You”

Written by Rev. Thabiti

The journey to becoming enlightened begins with the acceptance of an inner dialog that says “I am not enlightened.” From here we seek teachers, workshops, seminars, retreats and books searching for the answer or the way to becoming enlightened and when enlightenment is finally realized or reached, we then conclude that we had it all along and that it was within us the entire time.

How divinely brilliant to hide the truth within us, why? Because it’s the last place we will ever look to find it.  We will search high and low and turn every stone, using microscopes, telescopes and Google to assist us but today we proclaim that the inward journey is making a come-back.

The fundamental distinction between an enlightened and unenlightened person is perception.  They are both looking at the same world but seeing it in completely different ways.  Therefore, to have instant enlightenment simply requires an upward shift in your perception and stop accepting that false inner dialog that is ultimately preventing you from being enlightened.

In truth, every one of us is already enlightened except everyone reaches this understanding at their own pace.  For now, please remember, ‘whatever you affirm in your soul, so be it unto you.’  As long as we affirm that we are not enlightened, so be it unto you.

Einstein said “Nothing happens until something moves.”   We are moving from seed to seed, from generation to generation, and from here to here.  We are moving from glory to greater glory and from good into the ever expanding good.  Your enlightenment happens at the exact second that you reclaim your birthright to be awake, enlightened and living in the spirit.  As long as you continue to affirm this as the basis of your perception and nothing else, so be it unto you. 

Eternal Blessings,

This week is dedicated to Gary & Amy Waysack, founders, Destination Spa & Salons and Destination Academy Cosmetology School in Las Vegas.

Rev. Thabiti is the CEO at, Executive Director at and inventor of the world’s first Personal Time-Map.  Put yourself at a greater advantage in your situation –

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