Somnium Productions Film Premiere “Take Two”

Written by Joe Buda

Somnium Productions held “A Night of Short Films TAKE TWO” on Thursday, January 27 at the Rave Motion Picture theatres in Town Square.

Actress and Producer Patty Chong hosted the event.  

The “Take Two” was in reference to this being the follow-up premiere of these films, after the first premiere ran into technical difficulties.

According to “Sweet Ninja Brown” Director Alberto Triana, the first premiere experienced issues “about 5 to ten minutes in the audio drifted.” 

This issue only occurred on the Blu-Ray movies and not the DVD’s, according to Triana. 

The audio issues seemed to work for “Sweet Ninja Brown”, Triana added. “Sweet Ninja Brown worked due to the bad Kung Fu. They (the audience) were like ‘let it play, let it play.’”

The three movies shown for the evening were “Cunning Linguist”, “Bubblegum & Broken Fingers” and “Sweet Ninja Brown”. 

“Cunning Linguist” is a movie written by Chris Anderson and Mitch Ebert and was directed by Ebert. “Cunning Linguist” is a humorous take on an impromptu bank robbery that quickly gets out of hand. 

According to Ebert, Anderson came up with the name for the movie. Anderson declined further comment as his family was “in the audience.” 

The movie does feature a couple racy scenes that would explain the movie’s name. 

The movie was shot in four days over two weekends originally, but more days were added to the shooting schedule.

“Bubblegum & Broken Fingers” is a movie written and directed by Sean Jackson.  “Bubblegum & Broken Fingers” features Dominc and Rodney (played by Dean Mauro and Jason Nious respectively), two mob men who run into issues heading back to Las Vegas after a drug buy.   

Jackson’s inspiration for the movie came from a recent trip to Nelson, Nevada, where he witnessed two Germans and a young girl get out of a car.

Jackson noted that a sequel is on its way “Bubblegum & Broken Fingers II: H Job.”  The final movie planned for the series is called “Loose Change.” 

Jackson also hinted that these may be combined into one larger release at the end of July.

Music plays a big factor in this movie, with a period of time where the movie features no dialogue and instead features music by Johnny Cash and John Lee Hooker. 

When asked about the choice of songs, Jackson said they were chosen because “they are perfect.”

“When I write, I always write to music,” added Jackson. 

The only technical hiccup during the premieres came during “Sweet Ninja Brown”, when the movie lost sound 10 minutes in.  The staff was prepared and had an extra copy, which was showing within a few minutes delay.

“Sweet Ninja Brown” was written by Jackson and directed by Triana. 

The movie is based on 70s Blaxploitation genre films and features a main character, Leon Brown, played by Chuck Prater, who decides to become a Ninja.  The movie features bad Kung Fun, which adds to its humor. 

According to Triana, “’Sweet Ninja Brown’ took almost a year to make.”  This included time for writing, working on preparations for the movie and shooting. 

Triana teased that there is “room for a sequel.”

For more information on Somnium Productions, please visit their facebook page at:

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