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When sitting down with recording artist Freddy Walker you instantly pick up on the high energy that he kicks out. Originally from Philadelphia Freddy came to Las Vegas to get a change of pace and launch his career as a musician.

He is currently in the studio working on his LP titled “Songs From South Street” which is where he spent most of his adult life in Philadelphia. He then plans to release an EP called “South Street On Ice” which is an acoustic version of some songs off the first album and finally “South Street On Fire” which are dance remixes of select songs from the first album.

Playing music from the age of 7, he finds himself influenced by the styles of such bands as The Cure and Billy Joel. Back in December he had performed in Hollywood California for a multi-Grammy award winning producer who has helped such names as Celine Dion and Aretha Franklin. The producer had commented on how Freddy connects with his audience. When asked about this he stated, “I think there is a lot of music that doesn’t say anything and it’s hard to connect when you’re not saying anything.”

Freddy is truly an artist all his own and is currently #12 on the pop charts on Reverb Nation. His fans rave about his style and how many times they have listened to his songs, saying such things as “Your lyrics touch the heart” and “I have listened to your song Rain 33 times.” Two songs recommended by The Informer are Rain and Stranger. You can check out all his music at or at

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