Bubblegum and Broken Fingers: A Film Review


Written by Joe Buda

“Bubblegum and Broken Fingers”, written and directed by Sean Jackson, is a short movie full of style and nuance and should be viewed by those who enjoy good story-telling.  It should also be viewed by anyone who enjoys independent films or is considering going into filmmaking.

The tale begins as the story of our protagonists trying to get back to Las Vegas after a drug deal goes wrong. 

But this is no buddy-travel movie.  While our protagonists, Rodney and Dominic (played by Jason Nious and Dean Mauro respectively) are on a journey home, the bumps in the road they face have stories of their own, interesting stories of their own.

Along the way, they meet up with Germans on vacation, as well as a mute hitchhiker, played by Camme Tyla.   

Perhaps what surprised me the most was how the stories all seemed to eventually weave together, like a well-planned tightly-woven tapestry. 


The overall story itself is very intriguing and I honestly did not know what to expect next.  This is a movie where all the actors have important parts to play.  There are no small roles in this movie. 

That is one of the reasons I liked this movie so much – everything I was watching was important to the overall story.  How many times can you say that about a film?

Jackson takes some risks in filmmaking with this movie.  For instance there is a several minute section where there is no dialogue, only music playing.  This risk paid off and the movie is actually enhanced by this.  The actors do well during this sequence to act without dialogue.

Not many actors or directors could pull this off. 

With so many movies bashing their message over the heads of the viewers these days, with their too on-the-nose dialogue, it was refreshing to see a film that tells a story using the lost art of nuance. 

“Bubblegum and Broken Fingers” is that rare movie that forces the viewer to ask for more.  A sequel is in the works (“Bubblegum and Broken Fingers: Hand Job”) and I for one cannot wait to watch the continuation of this tale.

For more information on “Bubblegum and Broken Fingers”, please visit the Somnium Productions Facebook page at www.facebook.com/SomniumProductions.  

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