The Empowerment Column (15): “Planning is vital to success”

Written by Rev. Thabiti

Living in the moment and practicing the present is a smart and clever thing but preparing for the future is a wise thing.  You must have a sense of direction because universal energy flows where the attention goes.  Your power to manifest is a flow of energy from your subconscious that paints the image directed by your conscious mind onto the canvas illustrating the life you live.

Planning is vital to success but to plan requires the ability to look ahead from where you are. The building you are in was planned as it became a blueprint and then the resources came together to produce the building.  The car you drive was also planned or foresighted.  The clothes you wear began as someone’s idea or vision.  Most business lenders or business investors will not release money without first seeing a business plan.  The borrower can’t say that I’m going to live in the moment so come what may and expect to be approved for a loan.

“Those who fail to plan should plan to fail.”

Be thankful that the farmer was wise enough to plan or think ahead, in order to know that the seeds needed to be plan-ted or else we may not have food to eat. Be thankful for lifeboats on ships, seatbelts and airbags in cars, etc.  These are plans designed to prepare us for those unplanned accidents.  You can’t plan or schedule an appointment with someone without looking ahead or fore-sighting.

It can be said that living in the moment is like being out to sea on a boat and allowing yourself to end up whichever way the winds may blow.  Having a plan or sense of direction is like grabbing the sail of your boat so that you end up where you want to go regardless of which way the wind blows.  Now grab your sails and hang out in this awareness and you will always be empowered.

Eternal Blessings,

This week’s edition is dedicated to Gary Baldasarre, expert computer repair specialist.  Founder, GB Computer Services and for his devoted service in the Leadership Committee for Business Connectors of Las Vegas.

Rev. Thabiti is the CEO at, Executive Director at and inventor of the world’s first Personal Time-Map.  Put yourself at a greater advantage in your situation –

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