The Empowerment Column (17): Finding your Light-switch

Written by: Rev. Thabiti

Notice how things seem to just work out for some and not for others? Imagine being in a room of complete darkness and not being able to see what is possible all around you.  Now imagine being in the same dark room except this time you find the light switch on the wall and you turn it on.  Your ability to accomplish things inside the room has been instantly and greatly affected by this seemingly minor difference.  This is a way to describe the fundamental difference between those who succeed and those who don’t.

The ones who don’t do not know about the switch on the wall inside the room containing the life they live in.  The ones who succeed do because they live an endless search to find the light switch on the wall.  When we live in darkness we see gloom and doom.  When the light is turn on we see unlimited possibilities.

Turn the light on and see how darkness runs away faster than the blink of an eye

This is what happens to the darkness of fear whenever your light of faith is on.

This also happens to the darkness of ignorance when your light of truth is on.

The objective in your situation is to flip on your switch and be en-LIGHT-en-ed.  Not necessarily in the sense of being able to physically walk across thin air, heal the blind instantly or raise the dead. Being enlightened in this context means to be living in the moment to moment experience of becoming increasingly aware of the presence of Spirit being expressed everywhere in and through all things.

We allow the light of truth to shine through us right now.  Today, we shine the light of happiness, compassion, victory, wisdom, beauty, prosperity, healing, forgiveness and peace.  In this moment, darkness is totally dispelled as we shine in the light of the eternal life that is rooted in and governed by the power of love.

Eternal Blessings,

This week is dedicated to Richelle Shaw, Author & Expert Business Success Trainer – Voted 2010 Marketer of the Year –

Rev. Thabiti is the CEO at, Executive Director at and inventor of the world’s first Personal Time-Map.  Put yourself at a greater advantage in your situation –

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