Paddle to the Core at Lake Las Vegas

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In the photo: Crystal Rose and Blake McGilvery take a lesson from Kathy Holesapple (right)

Paddle to the Core offers exercise and serenity on Lake Las Vegas

It was on a vacation to La Ventana, Mexico in 2008, where Kathy Holesapple was first introduced to stand up paddle boarding.

“There was a board in front of a hotel. Nobody had wanted to do anything with it” explained Holesapple. “I had never heard of the sport. A friend of mine and I grabbed a couple of paddles, a couple of snorkels, and we headed out into the Sea of Cortez.”

Two-and-a-half hours later and Holesapple was hooked.

She remarked, “We lounged around, we surfed, we did some stand up padde boarding, we snorkeled off of it, it was a floating platform. I found it extremely fun and relaxing.”

During a return trip in 2009, she noted that the number of stand up paddle boarders had quadrupled.  Holesapple also started to hear more about it.

It was at that time, she decided to “start chasing my dream.”

After that she started Paddle to the Core, which brought stand up paddle boarding to Lake Las Vegas. 

Originally located in the Village at Lake Las Vegas, Paddle to the Core has been located at Loews Lake Las Vegas since October 2010, when Holesapple was invited to open up a store at the hotel.


According to Holesapple, stand up paddle boarding is “on its fast track right now.”

“This is its big come out year. It’s got a lot of movement and activity.  The industry is growing exponentially,” she added.

The reason for its popularity, according to Holesapple, is that it “reaches a large demographic of people. It is low impact, fun, easy and healthy.”

The activity itself is great for both the beginner and the experienced alike.

As it is an activity that can be enjoyed by a large demographic of people, it is a great activity for families to do together.

This activity also allows participants to enjoy the picturesque waters of Lake Las Vegas.

It is on Lake Las Vegas where some of the true beauty of Las Vegas can be seen, including the multiple dormant volcanoes of which the Lake provides an excellent view.

“The terrain is just incredible.  There is a lot of (dormant) volcanic activity,” added Holesapple. 

Paddle to the Core offers lessons for beginners, as well as Lunch-N-Paddle on Lake Las Vegas.  Lunch-N-Paddle is a two hour excursion to the Village on a stand up paddle board.

Holesapple also offers pool pilates using the board. 

According to Holesapple, the name “Paddle to the Core” comes from the great core workout that stand up paddle boarding gives to the participant.


The motions involved with this activity work the core muscles, no matter how fast or slow the person chooses to go.

The season for stand up paddle boarding is anticipated to last from April into November. 

Holesapple would like to see “Lake Las Vegas become an adventure destination” and for people to “have a real experience when they come to this location.”

To that end, Holesapple would like to be able to offer “everything from hiking, biking, stand up paddle boarding. We can send them on an excursion out to Lake Mead or down to the Black Canyon.”

Getting approval from all entities to offer hiking is currently in the works.  

“I know some amazing trails that are really close.  We can walk to the top of a volcanic mountain and see Las Vegas on one side and Lake Las Vegas on the other side.”

For more information on Paddle to the Core, please visit their website at or contact them at (702) 567-6128.



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  1. Nice article. I never thought of Las Vegas as a paddling destination until I read this. This was written a few years ago…is it still popular now?

  2. Thanks for the information about paddling. very nice keep it up

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