Chris Hornak: Las Vegas’ Top Club Promoter


By Joe Buda

Photos provided courtesy of Chris Hornak

Chris Hornak started out as a club promoter five years ago by covering for a friend.  He quickly realized that he was making more money by covering for his friend than he was at his regular job.

“So I decided ‘maybe I’ll become a club promoter,’” remembers Hornak.

After working at Mix for a while, then at Blush for approximately two years, he is now the head promoter at the Palms for the last three years.

Hornak is excited to work with the Palms.  “All of our venues are awesome,” Hornak explained. “We do really have some great venues here.”

He added, “My favorite club in town is Moon. I’m just really glad to work for them.”

Of all the clubs in town, Hornak prefers the smaller ones.  “The smaller clubs can feel more exclusive and intimate,” explained Hornak.

As a club promoter it is Hornak’s job to “fill their (clubs) venues with what we call filler crowd.  Mostly pretty girls and gentlemen as well.  To fill the dance floor and fill the club.”

“Clubs rely on me to make sure the venues are packed,” continued Hornak.

He elaborated further, “The general idea is that at a filled club people will purchase bottles and that’s how the clubs make their revenues.”


Hornak makes going to the clubs easier for the club-goer.  He is associated with the guest list for 26 venues in town.  Knowing Hornak and using his services means that “ladies get in free and gentlemen get reduced cover.  Everyone skips the general admission line.”

“The average wait time is two minutes to seven minutes per venue,” added Hornak.

He uses text messaging to communicate with his groups for the evening.

“All of my groups get a text message at 5 p.m. with all the info they need to know,” Hornak explained further. “So even if they are a bit intoxicated, all they have to do is look at their phone to know exactly what they have to do for the evening.”

Some of the information sent out to his groups includes ideal arrival times, dress codes, what kind of music is playing and exactly what they have to do when they get to the door.

The purpose of the text messages is to make it as easy as possible for his clients.  “Most of my clients are inebriated, so it makes it easier.  It doesn’t eliminate their mistakes, but it reduces them.

“Most of the time all they have to do is say they’re with me and that’ll get them right in,” added Hornak.

In describing his duties as a club promoter, he mentioned, “I’m just here to help. My phone is on from noon to 2 a.m. seven days a week,” Hornak added. “I haven’t had a day off in 5 years.”

“Let me know how I can help you experience the best in Las Vegas nightlife without the bullshit,” continued Hornak.

Making his job more interesting are the promoter contests throughout the year.  According to Hornak, there are ten promoter competitions throughout the year.   The contest rules are easy: “it’s whoever brings the most girls to that venue on that night wins a prize.”

He added, “I’ve probably won ten of those competitions.”

Some of the prizes may include comp hotel rooms at the Palms, dinner for four or even vacations.

A recent victory provided Hornak the opportunity to visit the Playboy Mansion, which included hotel rooms at the Roosevelt and a “bunch of extra tickets for ladies.”

“I think the coolest one I ever won was ‘chick magnet’ at Haze,” noted Hornak.  This prize included $5,000 in cash and a giant cutout magnet that had “chick magnet” written on it.

While most of his groups are from out of state, Hornak does offer an opt-in for locals.

“I’ll ask if they want me to notify them when it’s free entry and free drinks for locals,” Hornak elaborated. “I’ll tell them I’ll never bother them unless those two things are in place.”

“I have a pretty sizable text and e-mail list.  When something good is going on I’ll flash the locals.”

Hornak’s out of state groups come from all over and he even had one group come from Korea.

He receives most of his clients from his website and referrals.

“I will send e-mails to my groups on Mondays to find out how their experience was,” Hornak added. “And giving them multiple ways in which they can forward that message or share my information with their friends.”

“My clients are great,” Hornak continued. “They post on Facebook, write yelp reviews. In general I love my clients.”

“Their word of mouth is the reason I move so many people.”

For more information on how Chris Hornak can help you experience the best in Las Vegas nightlife, please visit his website at


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