Main Event Disappoints After Exciting Undercards at Kickboxing Empire Event


By Joe Buda

In the photo: Sergio Cairo knocked down in the Semi-Main Event

There were a couple excellent bouts at the Kickboxing Empire event at the Hard Rock Casino on Saturday, unfortunately the main event was not one of them.

Alain Ngalani, 248 lbs., took on Dzevad Poturak, 227 lbs., for the IKA Super heavyweight Championship.  The match started out slow, with neither fighter showing any offense, and merely slowly moving around the ring.

When Poturak showed signs of offense and knocked down Ngalani 2:06 in the first round. Ngalani stayed down and started complaining to the official. 

People in the crowd were heard chanting “all size, no balls.”  When the decision was announced, Ngalani won as Poturak was disqualified on a foul, winning Ngalani the IKA Super Heavyweight Championship.

The crowd booed, and when Ngalani walked out with the belt, the crowd continued and chanted “loser.”

But that was not the case in any of the other fights for the evening. 

In the semi-main event, Dzianis Hancharonak, 196 lbs., took on Sergio Cairo, 197 lbs.  The action started immediately in this fight.   After being knocked down twice in the second round, Hancharonak came back with the TKO in round three. 

Cairo takes on Hancharonak

In ladies’ kickboxing, Sofie Bagherdai, 135 lbs., took on Jessica Bartness, 133 lbs., in a high energy matchup.  These two competitors did not back down and were aggressive from the opening bell.  Neither of them showed any fear and they constantly took it to each other.  In the end, Bagherdai won by unanimous decision. 

Pavel Turuk, 176 lbs., took on Shawn Yarborough, 176 lbs.  Turuk was the aggressor throughout the match and really took the fight to Yarborough.  Yarborough tasted the mat four times throughout the match, by either being knocked down of slipping.  In the end, Turuk won by unanimous decision.

Edwin Aguilar, 184 lbs., and Chidi Njokuani, 183 lbs., put on quite a show.  Both came out aggressive. Aguilar spent a lot of time on the mat, as he was knocked down six times by Njokuani throughout the match.  Njokuani won by judges’ decision. 

Tim Thomas took on Malaipet Sitprapom,  Both started out slow in the earlier round, but continued to bring more fight as the bout went on.  Sitprapom had a nice spinning kick in the fourth round.  In the fifth round Thomas was deducted a point.  In the end, the bout went to the judges where it was declared a draw.

In amateur ladies’ action, Lindsay Barnes defeated Vanessa Andrade in a very aggressive bout.  Barnes won by decision. 

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