Animal Nutritional Consultant Leith Henry


By Dr. Donald A. Ozello DC

In the photo: Leith’s dogs Kona and Hana Manu

Las Vegas based Animal Nutritional Consultant Leith Henry successfully achieved what life coaches advise everyone to do. She created a prosperous career out of an activity she loves. Leith Henry loves animals and works passionately to help dogs and cats live healthier lives.

Leith states, “I’ve always been an animal person,” but her career as an animal nutritional consultant began eight years ago when she found a four month old pitbull in bad health. Her quest to nurture the pup back to health launched her career. Eight years later the pitbull is strong and healthy.

She began researching nutritional products for canines and was not satisfied with the commercial pet food industry. She discovered her injured pitbull pup needed more so she began incorporating healthy dietary strategies. This led to increased interest toward a holistic approach to animal care.

Leith worked and studied with world renowned integrated veterinarians Dr. Signe Beebe and Dr Jodi Vantine and the Chi Institute to further her knowledge.

Today Miss Henry begins her treatments with nutritional strategies then implements traditional Chinese food therapy, homeopathy, flower essence therapy and all-natural grade organic supplementation to help dogs, cats and horses live healthier lives.  She works with the client, the animal and the animal’s veterinarians to develop health strategies.

Leith states, “It all about the health of the animal.” Her primary objective is to educate the animal owners. Her treatments begin with an in-depth interview to learn the animal’s health challenges and the client’s goals. She gets a look at the big picture by reviewing the animal’s veterinary records, analyzing the animal’s living space and studying the animal’s habits. This provides her thorough information to develop dietary and treatment options.

One of Leith’s greatest success stories is with a pitbull named Hana Manu. Leith was given Hana Manu when the dog was three month old. The pup was badly abused and suffered from two broken back legs. The back left leg was shattered so bad the prognosis was 80 percent that amputation would be necessary. Leith utilized food therapy, homeopathic medicine, flower essence therapy and natural supplements to treat the injured dog. Today Hana Manu is a healthy, active three years old. The left leg was not only saved but the bones are so strong that the dog runs, jumps and plays without a limp.

Animal Nutritional Consultant, Leith Henry can be reached for consultation at and (916) 616-5220.



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