A PurrFurred Pet Care Service


By Joe Buda

In th photo: Pam Nickels

You are going away on vacation but do not know what to do with your pet.  Do you send them to a kennel?  Do you leave them alone? One company has an answer for you.

A PurrFurred Pet Care Service has been serving the Las Vegas Valley for the past two years.  Pam Nickels started the company in October 2009.

She was a loan officer for 10 ½ years prior to starting A PurrFurred Pet Care Service.  After being a loan officer for so long, she meditated on what to do.  Her choices were nature or animals.

Her love of animals won out.

Pam loves animals so much she will pet sit any animal. “I even took care of a snake once,” remarked Pam.

Her visits with the pets last a minimum of 30 minutes.  This gives her enough time to take care of the chores, which includes the necessities of taking care of the animals, as well as time to give proper attention to them.

“One of the reasons we like to do this, Pam noted, “is spending time with the animals.”

Some of her clients ask for longer times.  A common request is for two hours, while some clients ask for an overnight stay.

Pam is also a Reiki practitioner.  A couple of her clients have her performing Reiki on their pets.

Pam gave an example of its effectiveness involving an 11-year-old blind dog that she walks Monday through Friday.

One week she was asked to take care of the pet on the weekend.  The dog did not seem himself to Pam.  He seemed tired and had a lack of energy that concerned her. At the end of her session with the dog, her next appointment cancelled, so she decided to spend more time with the pet.

Pam and Tank

She lay down next to the dog and started to perform Reiki.  She put her hand on him and kept coming back to one spot.

Between 20 – 30 minutes later, the dog got up and looked at her in the face, even though her was blind.  When he jumped up he was full on energy, noted Pam.

The rest of the week the dog was fine.

She also has experience performing Reiki on a Parrot which fell asleep on her during it.

Pam would like to specialize in Reiki when her business grows.

Another service Pam offers is that of a pet taxi.  She gives rides to animals to go to the veterinarian.

She also walks dogs.  When Pam was looking for a solution to dogs that constantly pull, she found a harness aptly names the EZ Walk Harness.  The harness worked so effectively, according to Pam, she has since turned some of her clients onto the harness as well.

Pam is now a distributor for the maker of the harness, Premium Pet Products.  They also offer toys, collars and other pet supplies.

APPCS is licensed, bonded & insured and Pam is a member of SNAPPS (the Southern Nevada Association of Professional Pet Services) and PSA (Pet Sitters Associates).

For more information, please visit A PurrFurred Pet Care on their website at http://www.purrfurredpet.com/.


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