Big Sexy and Karate Karaoke


By Rodney Bethke Jr.

Having a whole crowd boo at you while you miss the notes in your favorite songs does not seem like a lot of fun does it? James White told The Las Vegas Informer that he could not sing at all and was only into rap and hip hop when he started with Karate Karaoke.

James AKA “Big Sexy” started at a bar called The Rustic Inn in San Bernardino, California. Big Sexy got his name when he belonged to a group called the Johnson Brothers, and in order to belong to the group you had to pick a Johnson name so of course he went with Big Sexy. He got started into karaoke by hanging with friends and watching them perform he did a couple of duets and he was hooked.

While still living in California he connected with Mr. T.J. Hampton, the owner and founder of Karate Karaoke, and signed up for his white belt.

What is Karate Karaoke you ask? First you sign up for your white belt and you get credit for every time you sing. Then after so many songs you have to perform what is called a kamikaze which is a randomly loaded song. After that you move up a belt and every time you move up a belt you get a prize. The further you move up in belts the bigger the prizes get. They start off with a key chain and progress to a t-shirt with a black belt. When you get your black belt you get your own ceremony and you get a page on Karate

Big Sexy told The Informer that by the time you get your black belt you have sung over 300 songs. He also said that Karate Karaoke is somewhere seven days a week and has even expanded into California.

Want to find out where the nearest dojo is? Check out and try your hand at Karate Karaoke.


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