Sniffany: Home to Canine Fashion and Style

Sniffany_4By Joe Buda

Sniffany and Company has its finger on the pulse of what’s hot in canine fashion.

According to Sniffany’s owner, Debbie Bledsoe, Girl and Boy Scout uniforms are some of the hot fashion trends this year.

“They are easy to wear,” said Bledsoe in discussing some of the reasons why the scout uniforms for dogs are so popular. “They are also a harness, and they are just so adorable on the dogs.”

People like to show off their pets in the uniforms, added Bledsoe.

Another trend gaining popularity is people matching their pets.  One of the items Sniffany carries is an adult Sniffany shirt that matches a pet Sniffany shirt.

“That’s like the new thing out,” Bledsoe explained. “Match what your pet is wearing.”

The store will soon start to carry a Sniffany bag to match the adult and pet shirts.

Bling collars are in as well this year.  These are not limited to the rich and famous, but seem to be popular with everyday Vegas people.

“People want bling,” noted Bledsoe.


For dresses, foo foo dresses with a big poof in the end seem to be well received.  And for the boys, they like jerseys, especially with football season starting.

Style is not limited to canine couture.  Sniffany also carries pet furniture as well, which comes in new fashions to match a pet owner’s house.

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