The Official Manny Pacquiao After Party By Rod Bethke


By Rod Bethke

After beating Marquez by a controversial decision, Manny Pacquiao threw his after party at The House Of Blues inside the Mandalay Bay Hotel Casino. Starting at 10:00 pm crowds started to form on the exterior of the HOB waiting to catch a glimpse of the man of the hour, Pacman himself. As fans lined up to buy tickets and stand in line they were wanded down by HOB security and allowed to go in. Meanwhile on the red carpet famous guests started to arrive the first one to get to the red carpet was none other than Micheal Jackson’s father Joe Jackson who now lives in the valley and has been for some time. He seemed to enjoy the atmosphere of the camera and lights. 

That evening two bands were supposed to perform, one of course was Pacman’s band and the other band, Bad Decisions, whose drummer just happens to be Jeremy Piven of the famed t.v. show “Entourage.” Other band members were Jaco Caraco of Miley Cyrus and Todd Morse of The Offspring. Before going on Piven and the gang came out to say to fans and pose for pictures on the red carpet. Dave Chappelle even showed up for few before heading into the party to party the night away. 

Fans were snapping pictures of every celeb that came in as Bad Decisions hit the stage they put on an awesome performance as Jeremy Piven drummed out into a 45 minute set. As fans continued to wait more and more people stopped by to see what was happening, At one point some one thought they saw the real Pacman but come to find out it was a guy in his band that looked like him.

 As Celebrity’s came and went fans started dwindling tired as the booze kicked in from celebrating the win of the evening. At around 2;30 am with people still tired but still partying in Vegas Manny hit the stage all bandaged and stitched up he hit the stage performing La Bamba and a well-known song from his country. He partied into the late hours with his wife by his side ending the night like a true champion.


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