Sara in the City: /Usr/Lib Brings Good Tech to Life


By Sara Gabriella

Contributing Writer

In these times of start-up success stories like Facebook, Foursquare and Mashable, the enchanted allure of hitting it big with your own tech start-up is undeniable. Every college grad wants to be the next jeans and hoodie CEO. Long gone are the days of exiling oneself to the stuffy, stifling, underpaid boredom of Cubicle Land. Today’s inventive entrepreneur wants to convert play into work, and reap windfall profits by doing so. Collaborative groups of ambitious, resourceful entrepreneurs are springing up Downtown to support each other in their pursuit of the next game-changing app, software solution or social network. Bolstered by corporate giant Zappos (as part of their initiative to construct the infrastructure needed for the artistic, cultural and technological renaissance of Downtown Las Vegas), arts and entrepreneurial communities are sprouting robust roots in what was culturally and economically sallow landscape.

The tech library, titled /usr/lib—and yes, if you are a techie, you are chuckling at the witty word play—is one of the first, and most enthusiastic, of these tech start-up collectives. Although corporately funded by Zappos, /usr/lib is the real deal in grass roots collaboration.  From the jump, it scores community cred from its location: second floor in the Emergency Arts Building. If you’re hip to the underground arts and culture scene, then you are well aware that EA is as homegrown and indie as it gets Downtown, or anywhere in the City. The User Library, is an open door, helpful environment where an entrepreneur with a dream can network, hack away at the Matrix, or find like-minded techies to link up with and hatch the next big idea. Some say it’s an incubator comparable to San Francisco or New York in their heydays. We’re talking before corporate funding and a corporate culture took over, when the future still belonged to bright young minds sporting sneakers, hatching (and hacking)  ideas so outside the box they revolutionized their industries.

The collective vibe of the User Library is the reason this community-managed movement will continue to thrive. As a dreamer who dares to take your destiny in your own hands, you will not be ostracized and marginalized. You no longer have to go it alone. You have a community waiting to welcome you into their fold, complete with a “lite” co-working space, conference room available by reservation, access to education, talent, and investors. Even a weekly start-up networking group! Jelly happens every Thursday at the Library, and is growing organically into one of the best entrepreneurial and tech events in the city. More important, is the access to the support system necessary to keep your dream alive…and the comfort of being among friends.

If every revitalization initiative is as successful in creating a self-sustaining community that collaborates in the mutual development of their members, there is no limit to what Downtown, and Vegas as a whole, can become. The roots have been planted; we get plenty of sun out here in the desert. Just add water.

Hours of Operation:

Monday thru Friday: 7a-12a

Saturday: 9a-12a

Sunday 9a-5p

/Usr/Lib is open to all, but membership does have its privileges:  only $25/year

For more info on /Usr/Lib:

For more info about Jelly:

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