What Happened in Las Vegas 2011

By Vanessa McConnell

New Year’s Eve 2012 Las Vegas was the Bomb, literally with over 300,000 people in every corner of the city.  There was not an empty parking spot to save your life so walking over 20 blocks in 3 inch heels is not ‘the thing to do’ on New Year’s Eve.  You’re grateful if you make it home safe New Year’s day.  They say how you start a new year will determine how the rest of the year will play out.  Let’s take a look at what Vegas will dish out this year.

This year’s celebration was one of the safest of all years combined. The Associated Press reported that, while over 300,000 descended upon Las Vegas, the events for the most part were peaceful. Only dozens of arrests were made.

What did 2011 boil down to and what can we expect for the rest of the year?  It’s obvious that Vegas is all about entertainment.  You’re guaranteed a great time if not the most amazing nightlife experience of your life with access to your favorite celebrities and VIP treatment.  Just like a good reality show there is a dirty cycle that hovers over this town and it’s getting worse each year that passes.  When they say this is a ‘who you know town,’ believe it.  And it’s also who knows you that count the most.  Vegas is the perfect town for these ‘cliques’ because it’s the perfect definition of an intransitive meaning to be successful or popular.

With this being a 24 hour gaming town with unlimited access to sex and booze, this can take a toll on ones ethics and values for others.  In 2011 it seems like people were more focused on what you can do for them than showing any type of appreciation.  There is a blind cycle of employee abuse going on that has turned into disrespect and for some complete humiliating failures.  Everybody is fixated on Hip Hop and all the clubs are saturated with it, but there is a difference made between race and what’s considered acceptable.

If you scale the country and ask anyone of African American decent about their Las Vegas Club life experience they all will admit that they were often denied access and made to stand in side lines for up to an hour or more before they are greeted or denied entrance.  The reason most likely is for dress code.  What is acceptable for other nationalities are not acceptable for blacks in Las Vegas, and when you challenge their policy you are most likely escorted off the property.  If you stand at the entrance of any club in Las Vegas you can listen along to the hip hop mixes the DJ’s play all night long and watch how they control the flow of traffic in and out of their venue.  It’s no secret; it’s on display for anyone to see.

There is a policy among hotel and casino security that if there is a woman walking around the casino or at a bar, she is automatically considered a prostitute.   The pimp and prostitution ring is so saturated that you are assumed guilty first and that’s the bottom line.  In Las Vegas there is rarely the benefit of the doubt because this is what they see every day.  Everybody is suspect at some point.  If you are a man that likes to wear brim hats with a matching suit, you’re considered a pimp or if you are a beautiful woman dressed sexy and out alone, you are considered a prostitute.  And if you’re black and wear t-shirts, tennis shoes and jeans to a club you are considered a thug or “riff raff.”

The promoters out here are making six figure incomes if they do good business and make good on all their contracts, but one bad event can ruin years of hard work including your reputation.  Some promoters here get by on using other people’s money and databases only gathering enough money to operate on deposits only.  But one missed payday can cause all out mayhem at your event starting from your staff ending with a full out brawl in the middle of a casino. People have lost their lives over wages and respect for their services, but that does not stop or discourage these promoters from this practice.

The LVMPD is fed up with the disrespect from promoters that come to this town to make money but forget to educate themselves or research Nevada Law.  They set up shop and think because they have a business license or permits they are safe.  They put others in danger by gathering thousands of people in one place and never stop to schedule an appointment with Metro’s event detective for permission first.  Metro is not going to go to the establishment to educate these disrespectful promoters, instead they will show up with the Fire Marshall and code inspectors to shut you down.

Social media has only intensified and promoted these negative trends, because now it’s all about how many people you can reach at one time.  If you’re followed by thousands of people on sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn you have property value that everyone wants to tap into or take over.  Vegas social media is like internet sharks not only over saturating their own pages but also flooding your profile, pages, groups and inboxes with their advertising.  But those who are successful at social media and maintain levels of respect from friends, groups and pages are the ones that are respectful of your space and usually make some personal contact with you.  These good people will never post on your page without consent.  If your information is valuable, important people will automatically share it.  It never works in your benefit if it’s forced.

The question is, will this year be full of bully tactics from businesses and organizations seeking slave wages and no reciprocity?  Will people start being more accountable for unfair business practices or will people start sharing the wealth and appreciating the people under them in rank?  Vegas is a land full of opportunity for anyone with a dream and it is the perfect backdrop got fun.  The key is to play it safe and know your limits; have respect for others and pay it forward.  The people who fail are those who have selfish intentions.  This town will work in your favor if you put out good and honest energy and efforts.  You either love Vegas or hate it because it can make you or break you in the blink of an eye.

Who brought in the New Year the best?  Top 10

Tao with Kim Kardashian


Pure with Chris Brown


Cosmopolitan with Stevie Wonder


RPM Grand Opening with Mary J Blige


Larry Flynts Hustler Club Wild Thang Party with Tone Loc


Privilege with its FREE admission and OPEN BAR with DJ Ted


Fremont Street with lots of bands including Otherwise


Chateau with resident DJ Nick Cannon


Pearl at the Palms with John Legend


LAX with B.O.B.


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