The Jump for Joy Foundation scores huge touchdown in tackling obesity!

By Anthony Alegrete

Jump for Joy Foundation

Tackling Obesity Camp Jump

Children and families rejoiced this last Saturday, March 17th at the Pearson Community Center in North Las Vegas. Why? 

Because a little organization called the Jump for Joy Foundation hosted an amazing event called Tackling Obesity. Over 160+ kids and a total of about 300 participants came out to support a healthy lifestyle and learned all about fitness and nutrition through football. Tackling Obesity brought out Las Vegas’ best. 

Head Coach Jim Fassel of LV Locomotives and son Mike Fassel

Head Coach Jim Fassel of the Las Vegas Locomotives & former NFL head coach hosted a station that taught the kids some running back drills. He went on to say that parents should start their children young in healthy sports and activities so they can stay healthy throughout their life.

UNLV Football team and winner of a signed UNLV Jersey

Many players from the UNLV Football team came out to support this great event and showed these kids the meaning of true mentorship. Children had smiles on from ear to ear. To actually get to play with professional college athletes was a gift for many of the children in attendance.

The real gift though was the adult volunteers that got to give back for the day and receive a ton of smiles and cheers from children of all ages. The Silver State Legacy and LV Showgirlz, all female tackle football teams were also in attendance supporting and helping out.

Thank you to Real Results for Sponsoring Tackling Obesity

Real Results fitness owner and event sponsor, Paul Rosenberg hosted a FREE nutrition workshop for all the parents that attended. “It all starts in the home, if we can help the parents understand the importance of healthy living then we can be more sure that the child will adopt those same habits as their parents,” said Rosenberg.

Many companies and organizations came out and supported by hosting a vendor booth. The American Heart Association, Nutrilite, LV Sportz, Namaste Yoga, The Snoop Youth football league (Bears and Texans), Believe in Us, Revive Backpacks and many more.

Gil “Tiny” Revolorio speaking to the kids

One of the many highlights of the camp included UNLV student and comedian Gil “Tiny” Revolorio making a promise to all 300 participants that in one year he will lose 100 lbs. He went on to tell the kids that he was bullied and teased as a kid growing up because of his severe obesity. He wanted the children to know that if they put their mind and heart to it they can accomplish anything. Gil Revolorio weighs over 500 pounds and the Jump for Joy Foundation has vowed to help him meet this goal. They are committing all of their resources into Gil and will help his dream become a reality.

To find out more about the Tackling Obesity Camp Jump please watch the video below:

NEXT EVENTVolley Against Obesity – Saturday, April 7, 2012 from 9:30am to 12pm at Sunset Park Volley Ball courts. Event Sponsored by the Outside Las Vegas Foundation and hosted by the UNLV girls volleyball team. Register today at: 

For more information on the Jump for Joy Foundation please visit us at:




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