The Empowerment Column 2012 – week 18: “The Five of Clubs”

By Rev. Thabiti

We begin in Spirit of Gratitude for the gift of this day.  We are thankful for the gift of life that is bringing us the 18th week in the year 2012.  The number 18 is well established in several ways.  The legal age is 18 in most countries and the voting age is 18 too.  There are 18 holes in a stipulated round of golf.  The tractor-trailer trucks that drive on the road are also known as 18 wheelers.  The age of sexual consent is 18.  In the Hindu scripture there are 18 chapters in the Bhagavad Gita, which is contained in the Mahabharata, which has 18 books.  The 18th card in the deck is the Five of Clubs.

The Five of Clubs is the ‘Discovery’ Card

Discovery is that part of our mind or attention that goes beyond our known operational systems, current understanding and structure while bringing us to a head on encounter with the new and not known before.  It moves towards and reaches into the infinite realm of the unknown.  Knowledge is the bridge connecting the knower and the known.  Our entire existence is the moment to moment experience of ever expanding discovery.

What turns our journey through life into an adventure that brings an endless parade of ideas and new experiences is discovery.  Discovery brings us face to face with the silent and powerful presence that says “For I make all things new.”  

In the cards, Clubs is the suit symbolizing our mental nature.  The 5 clubs on the card form a pattern that resembles the letter X and the club in the center is symbolic of mental progress and expression in all directions being symbolized by the other 4 clubs.  Before we can progress we need something new.  Search and discovery together guide us to the ‘what’s new.’  The greatest Ah-Ha moments in life and huge revelations come from discovery.

This week we set sail on an adventure of discovery to being awake to the unlimited beauty that is expressed from within and reflected to us by all that surrounds us.  Each day we will discover more truth and light being revealed in everything we experience.  Our spiritual awareness is so activated that we are in awe of the power of what keeps making all things new in our moment to moment experience.

With our spiritual awareness fully activated, we bring our attention to that greater good that is always happening and coming through as discovery right now.  We continue to grow and get better at how we respond to anything that happens in life.  We are becoming increasingly conscious and aware of our actions, language we use or how we give power to the words we speak into our existence.

The greater, the better and the stronger keeps coming through to overcome the challenges we face and create.  We yield and surrender to the greater, the highest and the best that is within us and allow it to shine through as the guiding force behind our words, actions and deeds.  We have arrived and are now alive, fully awake and deeply anchored in the Spirit and we shall not be moved.

Eternal Blessings

This week is dedicated to Lorrie Caplan, Intuitive Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Extraordinary Author and Artist.  Lorrie has been a spiritual advisor to very big name celebrities for years.  Lorrie decided to do paintings and she became the exclusive artist for Caesars Palace in Atlantic City where each floor was decorated by her paintings.  Her latest book ‘Giving Birth To My Parents’ just came out and everybody is raving about it.  Please visit both of these sites ,  &

Reverend Thabiti is the CEO at, Executive Director at, Author of the book, ‘All About You’ and inventor of the Personal Time-Map System.  He is syndicated newspaper and magazine columnist and also officiates in weddings and funerals and is currently available for public speaking events.  You can reach him directly at  If you’d like to make your life a little easier please visit

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