“Blooming with Kindness” Edible Garden Debuts

Create A Change Now debuts the “Blooming with Kindness” edible garden at J.T. McWilliams Elementary School on Tuesday, May 10. (left to right) Mayor Carolyn Goodman; Don Giancursio, CEO of UnitedHealthcare; and Candace Maddin, Founder of Create A Change Now gather around the “Blooming with Kindness” edible garden dedication stone.

Mayor Carolyn Goodman Attends
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at J.T. McWilliams Elementary School 

LAS VEGAS – Create A Change Now, a local non-profit organization; was joined by Mayor Carolyn Goodman and UnitedHealthcare CEO Don Giancursio, for the unveiling of the “Blooming with Kindness” fruit and vegetable garden at J.T. McWilliams Elementary School. The garden was opened with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Thursday, May 10. The “Blooming with Kindness” edible garden contains an array of fruits and vegetables that are basic necessities to a healthy lifestyle such as: carrots, radishes, corn, zucchinis, grapes, strawberries, limes, and peaches.

“It is unfortunate that many children do not even know where fruits and vegetables come from. This garden will help the children learn the value of fresh foods to aid in the fight against childhood obesity by teaching healthy eating habits,” said Candace Maddin, Founder of Create A Change Now.  “We are grateful to all who have helped make this possible and look forward to building more gardens at other schools as we continue to spread the word about nutrition and good food.”

The bountiful, “Blooming with Kindness” edible garden was named by the students of J.T. McWilliams Elementary School. Mayor Carolyn Goodman congratulated the students of J.T. McWilliams on the hard work and dedication put into the garden, and spoke about the importance of eating healthy. Candace Maddin, founder ofCreate A Change Now explained the fruit and vegetables each garden contains and the organization’s mission to fight childhood obesity from the ground up. United Healthecare CEO, Don Giancursio, spoke about the UnitedHealth HEROES grant and congratulating the students on their lush garden.

Chef Kas, Chef and Owner of Custom Cuisine Las Vegas, also spoke about the benefits of healthy eating and harvesting fruits and vegetables from your own garden. Chef Kas recently visited the school to demonstrate and educate the students on healthy eating and how to cook what they grow. Chef demonstrations are executed monthly by Create A Change Now to educate students with a hands-on experience.

Create A Change Now is a non-profit organization that fights childhood obesity by educating children on healthy eating habits by aiming to teach elementary students how to plant edible gardens. By partnering with local chefs to teach students how to prepare and cook the food they harvest Create A Change Now encourages a hands-on approach in the kitchen.

The garden was made possible through the UnitedHealthcare’s UnitedHealth HEROES program, which awarded a $1,000 grant, and Speedway Children’s Charities, which awarded a $1,500 grant, to Create A Change Now for the garden project. Additional sponsors involved in making the garden possible include: Lowes for donating the trellis for the grapevines and Star Nursery & Plantworld for donating the irrigation system and fruit trees.

The J.T. McWilliams Elementary School edible garden will be maintained through donations provided by The Ferraro Group and Silvestri Insurance.

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