Cosmopolitan Connections: “The Unleashed Swimwear Bikini Model Event!”

By Joe Buda

Photos by Roger Bennett

Shawna Bradshaw, Allex K, Yvette Brown and Kendall Ricci

Over 100 people descended on The Deuce Lounge at the Aria Resort when Yvette Brown’s Cosmopolitan Connections presented  “The Unleashed Swimwear Bikini Model Event!” on Wednesday, May 23.

The event featured swimwear designed by Kendall Ricci, owner of Unleashed Swimwear, modeled by the exquisitely beautiful Shawna Bradshaw and Allex K.

Kendall first worked with Yvette, founder of Cosmopolitan Connections, on a fashion show “a little over a year ago.”

“She (Yvette) asked if I’d like to join her,” Kendall recalled. “I said ‘absolutely.’”

Yvette remarked, “We like to support local business owners and entrepreneurs and showcase them at our events.”

According to Kendall, “Swimwear is really important to me.  It’s my passion!”

Kendall strives to create swimwear that can fit a diverse crowd of women.

According to Shawna, the swimwear is amazing. “Finding monokini-style bathing suits that actually fit is phenomenal,” remarked Shawna.

Allex added, “The bikinis are amazing.”

The crowd was energetic and upbeat from the time the event started at 7 p.m.

“I think it is a brilliant turnout.” Yvette stated in regards to the attendance. “I am very impressed with how many of our Cosmopolitan connected turned out for the event.”

“I’m very grateful,” added Yvette.

Kendall commented on the attendance as well, “It’s a great, great turnout, a lot of people wanting to get the word out, wanting to be part of it.”

“I love it. There’s a lot of interesting people,” Allex remarked.  “Everybody’s welcome.”

“It’s amazing, very classy,” Shawna added.  “Her (Yvette’s) events are always spectacular.”

The Deuce Lounge was a great place to have the event, according to Yvette.  “We just love the venue, The Deuce Lounge,” she explained. “It’s intimate and it’s in the Aria, which I love.”

Yvette added.  “It’s The Light Group, and they set a great atmosphere with the music and the 2-for-1 drinks for our guests for social lubrication.”

“They also give us complimentary admission into Gold Lounge afterwards as an added bonus,” Yvette continued. “So we can continue working on our relationships.”

For more information on Unleashed Swimwear, please visit their website here: Unleashed Swimwear.

For upcoming Cosmopolitan Connections events, please visit their Facebook page here:  Cosmopolitan Connections Facebook. 

Next up for Cosmopolitan Connections is “The Via Brasil Steakhouse & Locq Fortune Event!” on May 30 at Via Brasil Steakhouse.  Via Brasil Steakhouse is located at 1225 S. Fort Apache Road.

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