LVSportz: It Takes a Village

By Sue Rodrigues

Las Vegas Informer

LVSportz is a Las Vegas Non-Profit that aims to strengthen the community through positive youth sports participation for every youth regardless of financial standing. They strive to keep our local youth athletes safe and in the game. They are not a league or a team, rather they are a place where parents, athletes and coaches can go to for Assistance & Information… They are your Las Vegas Youth Sports Connection!

But their mission goes deeper than that. Founder of LVSportz, Brian Bartolome feels that youth sports in Las Vegas affect our entire community! This is true whether you have kids or not. From our overall well-being as a city to us as individuals; it affects us all socially and economically.

Keeping our kids active in sports and sports related activities benefits our children and our community in several ways: Life values, like: commitment, discipline, work ethic, teamwork, time management, communication, leadership and physical fitness can all be taught through sports. These are values that will help our kids as they move along into their adult lives and become an active part of our community as business leaders, community leaders and our future workforce. Youth Sports can also help to inspire career ideas, children who enjoy youth sports may get inspired to explore certain career options.

This non-Profit benefits the whole community:

For Parents & Athletes

Parents and Athletes can utilize LVSportz for a number of things from Assistance to Information:

•Youth Sports Registration Assistance

•Youth Sports Safety Equipment Assistance

•Find Important Sports Injury Awareness & Prevention Information

•Find Local Youth & Community Sports News

•Find Local Sports Leagues & Teams

•Find Youth & Community Sports Events such as Registration Dates, Tryouts, Camps and More…

For Leagues & Teams

They provide several things that teams and leagues can utilize:

•Post announcements & news like registration information, congratulations and more for FREE!

•Post your events in their events calendar for FREE!

•Add your league to their directory so your easily findable

•Utilize their programs to help pay for youth who might need help paying for registration and equipment

•Keep their local youth in the game by allowing us to present important sports safety information to your coaches, parents and athletes at no cost to you or them

•Their Coach Certification Program helps to ensure your coaches have the proper tools to teach our youth and keep them safe

•Their Community Card Program is designed to help you raise much needed funds for your program while giving back to the community

For Local Business & Corporations

Youth Sports is an important part of the community and can greatly affect your business whether you realize it or not!

•Their Community Card Program is a highly cost effective way to generate new and recurring customers while being recognized as supporting local youth and the community

•Their Alliance Program is geared to help businesses who may not be able to give discounts give back to the community through a tiered sponsorship-like program

•Have a Sports Related Business? Add it to their directory for FREE!

You can visit them at:

For more information on how you may want to get involved.

Next Events for LVSportz:

FREE Football Camp: Free Football Camp article

Blood Drive: Blood Drive information

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