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Alfie is a beautiful Affenpinscher located in Las Vegas, Nevada who is in desperate need of your help! Very soon, through no fault of his own, this sweet, sweet boy will be orphaned, and lose the family he has loved and adored for 7 years! If you can help us find a loving foster home for Alfie, please contact Judy at ASAP!
Pictures of Alfie are attached below. The pictures were taken in 2005, but knowing Affens as we do, we suspect his appearance has not changed significantly since that time. Efforts are being made to get updated pictures.
The situation: Alfie’s parents are separating. One is moving to San Francisco and the other is moving to Boston. For reasons unclear to us, Alfie will not be moving with either of his beloved parents. Alfie’s parents adopted him from Affenpinscher Rescue, Inc. They recently contacted Affenpinscher Rescue asking if they can provide a foster home for Alfie until a new adoptive home can be found.
The problem: Unfortunately, the founder of Affenpinscher Rescue, Inc. passed away recently. Affenpinscher Rescue’s website is still up and running, but since their founder’s death, the organization itself is in the midst of reorganization, and no foster homes are currently available.
The solution: If you or anyone you know can provide Alfie with a loving foster home until a new adoptive family can be found for him, one that will love him forever, and never ever allow Alfie to be abandoned again, please contact Judy at as soon as possible!
If you are not familiar with Affenpinschers, information can be found about the breed at this link Alfie is slightly larger than the breed standard, but even at about 20 lbs. and standing 15″ at the shoulder, he looks and acts just like the Affenpinschers we have all come to know and love! You can read more about Alfie on his 2005 adoption page at
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