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Mitt Romney, Photo provided by Wikimedia Commons

By Brandon Williams

Los Angeles Informer

“And I think what people in New Jersey have gotten to know about me over the last decade that I’ve been in public life is what you see is what you get.”

The above words are from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and the possible persona needed to bolster candidate Mitt Romney’s campaign to win the 2012 election this fall.

Romney’s ever changing positions on issues lead to a drawn out affair during the primaries as the base could not quite trust that Romney would bear the Republican ideals. Despite this he recently has gained the support on a brisk pace with rising poll numbers matching or exceeding Obama making for an extremely tight race this fall.

While some say Marco Rubio (FL) is needed to be slighted next to Mitt because of his Hispanic heritage and youth, Christie offers a range of qualities and stances that could help win over independents.

  1. On immigration Christie believes that protecting the borders is important, but the government should provide a “pathway to citizenship.” This issue is 50/50 among conservatives, but come election time the base tends to lean towards the opposite. Mitt Romney doesn’t support a pathway to citizenship, and opposes Obama’s version of Dream Act even though his father was born in Mexico.
  2. Christie supports stricter gun laws such as an assaults weapons ban, and didn’t support New Jersey’s conceal and carry laws. A low percentage of conservatives want stricter gun laws, 17%, and Romney does not support any new gun laws. In the wake of the special election to replace Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, a stricter gun policy still goes overlooked due to one of the RNC’s staunchest support groups, the NRA.
  3. Christie’s appeal to the “everyman” and no bull type attitude can offset the way some independents look at Romney, a Wall Street out of touch capitalist. Christie looks like an average man in America. He can attract the skeptics of Romney with his common sense attitude, and strong belief in the issues he supports or opposes. He is honest and is loud, but while also explaining the issues at hand in a detailed manor.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie; Photo by Bob Jagendorf provided courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

However, there would be some obstacles in the way of a Romney/Christie ticket succeeding.

The same reasons that shine Christie’s VP light could also dim the light of Romney. A large man with a large presence could overshadow Mitt’s authority, and could put into question of who’s running the White House.

He would not be afforded the same benefit of the doubt as current vice president Joe Biden is if Christie were to make a gaff or offensive remark, something he’s been known to do.

While he has joked around by saying he would have to “sedate” the candidate that would choose him for VP, the door is always open when you hear the words “I love my country enough to listen if a call came.”

If the circumstances stay the same, and Romney continues his steady rise in the polls he may not need to reach for a VP candidate that stirs up the base like McCain did in 2008. But Christie is one of the most popular figures in not only Republican politics, but of the country’s leaders. Adding him to the ticket would increase donations to the Romney campaign which has already been the first campaign to exceed Obama in donations since Hillary Clinton did in the Democratic primaries, and in this citizens united era that we live in, may the man with the most money win.

All candidates have qualities that can boast your campaign and set backs that can slow a head of steam, but if I were Mitt Romney I would choose Christie to assure the best chance at winning the oval office. Christie offers the most name recognition to the average voter, and has a good approval rating while running one of the toughest states in the country.

Brandon Williams

I’m a student, a golfer and a writer, but I’m still figuring out what order those should apply to me. I provide a unique prospective from my survival and escape as a liberal in the state of Kansas. You could call me a sports junkie, but only when it comes to the Jayhawks, Royals, Chiefs or Thunder. Overall I’m outspoken, but conservative with my letter bombs. I’m chasing the American dream… at least what it use to be.

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