Cosmopolitan Connections: “Unleashed Swimwear Bikini Model & Win a Staycation Pool Party!”

By Joe Buda

Photos by Roger Bennett

Kendall Ricci and Yvette Brown

The Royal House Pool was full of energy when Yvette Brown’s Cosmopolitan Connections presented the “Unleashed Swimwear Bikini Model & Win a Staycation Pool Party!” on Thursday, July 5.

“It is a pleasure to have a pool party in conjunction with Royal House Pool,” stated Yvette Brown, founder of Cosmopolitan Connections.

“We love to support Royal House and Kamela in promoting this wonderful venue,” continued Yvette.

Kamela Brewer, PR and Marketing Director for The Royal House, echoed Yvette’s enthusiasm.

“We want Yvette to do events here,” Kamela stated. “We always get a lot of people.”

“There are amazing prizes,” Brewer remarked. “We are happy to give away the overnight staycation for two people.” This includes a $30 bar tab.”

“We always like to give away overnight stays to showcase the rooms,” added Kamela.

“We try to do as many pool parties as we can during the Summer season,” continued Yvette.

Unleashed Swimwear provided the bikini models, which helped create the pool party atmosphere.

According to Kendall Ricci, owner of Unleashed Swimwear, “I enjoy working with Yvette tremendously.  She is very professional and very fun.”

The Royal House Pool proved to be the hidden gem for the event.  Several party-goers were first introduced to the Royal House Pool during this event.

One such party-goer, Miguel Avila stated, “I never heard of this place before.  It is very nice.”

“We turned a place I never heard of into the place to be,” added Miguel.

Also adding to the party atmosphere was a live band.

“We are very honored to have a live band tonight,” Yvette remarked, “a Hawaiian reggae band.”

Kamela agreed, “I am really excited about the reggae band.”

The band, Breath of Fire, originates from Oahu, Hawaii.  They were at the event, in conjunction with a silent auction, to help raise money for a project in Haiti.

According to Catalina Centi, that project is geared towards helping to teach people how to farm and build houses.

The money raised will go towards a much-needed water filtration system, remarked Catalina.

Their goal is to help education people into becoming more self-sustaining.

“We hope it will show the rest of the world how easy it is,” added Catalina.

Lead singer, Jai Rodgers, added, “It is all about helping out the greater good and projects involving those less unfortunate.”

According to Buck Rodgers, the band is dedicated to “positive music and a better world idea.”

Breath of Fire recently released their new EP “I Got You.”

Buck added that there was a special treat for the event.  Playing a special performance with Breath of Fire at the event was Issac Tubb from the Matt Goss show.

For more information on Breath of Fire, please visit their Facebook page at:  Breath of Fire Facebook.

For more information on Unleashed Swimwear, please visit their website at Unleashed Swimwear.

For upcoming Cosmopolitan Connections events, please visit their Facebook page here:  Cosmopolitan Connections Facebook. 

Next week Cosmopolitan Connections presents the “Real Estate & Meet Miss US Galaxy Networking Mixer!” on Thursday, July 12 at Lily Bar and Lounge.  Lily is located inside the Bellagio Resort.  The event starts at 7:00 p.m.


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4 Responses to Cosmopolitan Connections: “Unleashed Swimwear Bikini Model & Win a Staycation Pool Party!”

  1. Lovely article about our Cosmopolitan Connections “Unleashed Swimwear” event at The Royal House 7/5/12! Many thanks to Joe Buda & The Las Vegas informer, Kendall Ricci , Kamela Brewer , Catalina Centi, Roger Bennett & all of our Cosmopolitan Connected for an amazing event. I hope to see you all this Thurs, July 12 at Lily, 7-9pm. Cheers Yvette Brown

  2. Thank you Joe Buda. Las Vegas was a blast because of people like you at Yvette Brown’s party. The individuals we met were amazing. We expecially would like to mention Robert Whittier and Lorelei Sprott who are now helping Breath of Fire Band to come back there soon. Be sure to watch E Channel’s new show, “Opening Act” on August 6th. Breath of Fire are the act opening for Jason Mraz there. Doin’ it for the love of music…..and all of you.

    • YaY!!! Breath of Fire Hawaii YaY!!! Congratulations Jai, Danny, Shaun also dad Buck & Mom of the Year Marilyn!!! The wins just keep rollin’ in like those Hawaii waves! See me too in my new movie on iTunes, or, wait! We can make a special screening party in Hawaii – funny & fun – “Craigslist Joe” xoxo Thanks for all your greAT music, fun & HELP when I was in Hawaii & especially your original song “No More Pain” ~ I always request it at gigs ~ I’m gonna play it for my new DancePainting 8/14 at Bin Han Ginseng ~ can’t wait!!! Also sOooo looking forward to being with you all again in Hawaii in February or sooner for a real big shoot ~ Keep up the great work, you’re sOoooo inspiring!!! Love you your Franne xoxo

  3. We are dreaming of the next time we visit LV to see you all again. Keep us posted. Nice article.

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