MythBusters the TV show brings MythBusters Behind the Myths tour to the Palazzo Las Vegas

By Debbie Hall, Las Vegas Informer (Photos by Joe Buda)

Anyone who watches MythBusters, the Emmy-nominated science entertainment TV program on The Discovery Channel, can see the unabashed enthusiasm of its hosts, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage. Now Hyneman and Savage bring their love of science, special effects and technology to the stage with a live stage show, “MythBusters Behind the Myths,” with a second stop in Las Vegas, Aug. 31 to Sept. 2 at the Palazzo Las Vegas.

James “Jamie” Hyneman is a special effects expert and owner of M5 Industries, the special effects workshop where MythBusters is filmed. He is known among Robot Wars devotees for his robot entry, Blendo, which was once thought to be too dangerous for entry in the competition. He is also one of the designers of the aerial robotic camera system Wavecam, used in sports and entertainment events.

Savage is an industrial design and special effects designer/fabricator, actor, and educator. His model work has appeared in several films including Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones and The Matrix Reloaded. His skepticism is only matched by Penn and Teller, who also debunk myths in their show.

The audience is invited to participate in MythBusters live stage show

The audience is invited to participate in MythBusters live stage show

The family friendly evening includes on-stage experiments, audience participation, frenetic video and behind-the-scenes stories. Fans in the audience will have the chance to join Hyneman and Savage on stage to assist in their mind-twisting and unorthodox approach to science. The hosts match wits with each other and the audience as they use elements of the scientific method to test the validity of rumors, myths, movie scenes, adages, Internet videos, and news stories.

The show opens with Savage walking on stage next to a battered old water heater to the thunderous approval of the audience.

“Only at a MythBusters show will a busted water heater get a round of applause,” Savage said.

Adam Savage demonstrates how to lay on a bed of nails.

As is often the case with their TV show, Savage and Hyneman use their touring show to entertain and educate. At one point, Savage revealed how the distribution of his weight makes it possible to sit on a bed of nails.  First he had a child from the audience throw a watermelon to demonstrate the razor sharp nails. With a watermelon firmly stuck (and no one able to remove it), Savage calmly lay next to the fruit and explained that by spreading his body across 450 nails, there will be no injury to him. Hyneman then placed a 25-pound cinder block on Savage’s stomach and smashed it with a hammer.

“It’s not meditation, its simple physics,” Savage said. “For me, knowing the secret to something like this doesn’t make it less mysterious. It makes it more mysterious.”

Then, impishly, Savage added, “I’m not saying you should get your kid brother to help you, but I am saying it would make an awesome science fair experiment.”

While neither Savage nor Hyneman are scientists, they know how to entertain, teach and share their love of science with their fans. As with the TV program, at the end of the live stage show, Savage and Hyneman tell the audience, “Please don’t try this at home.”

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