OWNER DIED: Two Cats in Search of New, Loving Home


Myst and Patches were the loves of Mike’s life. A long time cat lover, Mike decided four years ago to adopt two kittens from the shelter. He chose two litter mates, a boy and a girl, that he named Myst and Patches. Since the day Mike brought his little babies home, I have heard daily stories about their exploits, including all the things they got into as kittens will do, but mostly how happy they made him and his kids just by being in his life. Not a day went by at work that Mike didn’t stop me to tell show me another cute picture of his cats, or a video of them, or to ask for my advice on the best ways to raise a happy cat. He didn’t need my advice; he knew exactly what he was doing. Mike raised Myst and Patches to be wonderful, loving, well behaved cats, and he adored every minute he had with them.


Two years ago, Mike told me that he had been diagnosed with cancer, but that he, a strong, young man, would beat it, and I was sure he was right. He began, then, the fight of his life, trying as hard as anyone I’ve ever seen to fight this hellish disease, but the cancer in his body was too strong, and Mike died a few months ago in his home, with Myst and Patches, his feline children, by his side.

Mike asked me for one thing when he was sure he would lose this fight, and that was to find a good home for his babies, Myst and Patches. He didn’t want them to go to the shelter, or to be cast into a random rescue situation. He wanted a good home filled with people like him, who would love and adore Myst and Patches as he did. Mike was acutely aware of the difficulty of this task, since Myst and Patches are adult cats, but I promised him I would make this happen, and so I am coming to you.

Myst and Patches need a new home, preferably together, but can be adopted individually if necessary.

– Male, neutered
– Seal Point Siamese – short haired
– Four years old

– Female, Spayed
– White and Tabby patches – short haired
– Four years old

Please contact Catherine Walsh if you would like to take Myst and Patches into your heart and home. Thank you!

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