The Importance Of Good Posture

By Joe Breen, C.F.T.

Las Vegas Informer

I am sure you heard your mother say “stand up straight” when you were a kid. You wondered, was she trying to nag you, or was there a good reason. Well in this case as in most, mom knows best. Now at this point you may be asking yourself what role does this play in my workouts. While plenty if you want to avoid injuries and keep the focus on your target muscles.

One of the things my good friend and Informer contributor Dr. Donald A. Ozello does in seminars is has the people in attendance practice sitting straight up. This may sound easy, but when you are focused on this for a while you will find out how rarely our posture is correct. I myself am guilty of this at times. In fact while writing this I have made an effort to sit straight. This allows us to keep correct alignment so that the muscles are being used properly; it also allows the body to expand less energy. These are both critical when doing exercise. To give you an example when performing a squat or a deadlift, it is posture that puts pressure on the correct muscles, and prevents injury. If you are doing squats, you want to work your legs and not your lower back. Also when you have correct posture, you can lift heavier and thus stimulate more muscle, which then increases your metabolism and you burn more fat.

Just doing something as simple as sitting straight will also help you learn to control your muscles. When you do this you will be also to recruit more muscles and focus on proper breathing as well. People often want a flatter stomach, and ask for tips on that you would be surprised how simple things correct posture in all exercises will bring those abs into play. So straighten up and reap the results. For more information on correct posture go to and sign up for Dr. Ozello’s monthly newsletter it is full of great tips for optimal health and wellness. In the near future Dr. Ozello and myself will be working on some exciting new ventures that will take your health and wellness to the next level. For more information on your workouts go to

Until next time, keep shooting for your goals.

Joe Breen, C.F.T.

As a child I was inactive and overweight. That changed for me around age 13 when I became involved in sports.  By age 19, I had entered the competitive bodybuilding arena.   As a result of questions I was receiving from the public regarding training, etc, I became a Certified Personal Trainer.

For the last 13 years, I have been helping people with their fitness goals whether it is weight loss, weight gain or reshaping themselves at their goal weight.  I enjoy assisting people by providing the tools they need to achieve their fitness goals.  It is a privileged to inform and educate the readers of The Las Vegas Informer so that they can have the knowledge and confidence to reach their goals.

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  1. Excellent article. Posture is vital to health, function and motion.
    Dr Donald A Ozello DC
    Championship Chiropractic

  2. chealyentertainment

    Wonderful…I couldn’t agree more….

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