“Ghost Adventures” Raises the Stakes, Educates and Entertains in Season 7 Premiere

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By Joe Buda

Las Vegas Informer

“Ghost Adventures” pulled out all of the stops on its seventh season premiere on Friday, September 14. The show visited Central Unit, a former penitentiary in Sugar Land, Texas.  Central Unit has never been investigated before by paranormal researchers as it has closed down within the last six months.

It probably will not be investigated again as it is slated to be torn down.

According to “Ghost Adventures” host Zak Bagans, the show had to get special permission from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to investigate there.

Watching “Ghost Adventures” is part paranormal, part science and part history as the show often starts out by interviewing people who were close to the location to see the stories of those who lived there.  This episode was no different with one exception; the employees who were at Central Unit were prohibited from discussing the prison.

The team did find people to talk to, people who mostly discussed their stories with anonymity.

Here is where “Ghost Adventures” is as its best.  Bagans and company take a journalistic approach to their investigations.  This is the heart of the show.  They find witnesses, they interview them, they perform investigation, and then compare their experiences before drawing any conclusions.

Bagans looks at their work as not just performing an investigation.  “(We) travel back in time in history,” Bagans noted,  “connect with these people.”

“Every person has a story,” Bagans reasoned. “Every ghost has a bigger story because they need to tell us something.”

What we learned about Sugar Land on this episode is it started as a plantation in 1838 producing cotton, corn and sugar cane.  Eventually when the prison was built it was one of the nastiest prisons in Texas.

Up until six months ago, it housed 1200 inmates.

Normal episodes of the show have the trio (Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin) planning their investigation carefully and thoroughly.  This episode was different.  They had little information going into the lockdown, with the exception of the few interviews they did at the beginning of the episode.

Add to that the fact that this would be the only investigation at this location and the stakes are immediately raised. This is the one chance to get evidence at Central Unit.

But “Ghost Adventures” never disappoints.  Their scientific approach led them to collect evidence using many different types of equipment.

To speak with the other world, they used a voice recorder to capture EVPs, a spirit box to get verbal responses and an Ovilus, which is a speech-synthesis device that turns electrical impulses into words.

They trio also captured evidence using a thermal camera, as well as their night vision cameras, one of which seemingly shook by itself at point in the episode.

But the most impressive part of the episode occurred when Groff was interacting with a spirit.  The evidence during this time included wild Mel meter spikes, thermal images, night vision video and orbs.  This coincided with Groff’s personal observations and reactions.

It should be noted that whenever the “Ghost Adventures” crew encounter an orb or loud noise, they try to debunk it, and then explain why it is or is not valid.

Overall this was an effective way to kick off the new season.  The episode featured drama, high stakes and a good old fashioned investigation featuring interviews, scientific evidence and personal observations.

Good shows educate, good shows entertain, but only great shows can simultaneously educate and entertain.  Beginning its seventh season, “Ghost Adventures” is still effectively doing both.

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13 Responses to “Ghost Adventures” Raises the Stakes, Educates and Entertains in Season 7 Premiere

  1. Cant help but be very impressed by this magnificent team.they do things 100% diffrent from other investogators and get evidence no one else can.theres a reason their #1in their feild.u see it first hand with this crew.thanks boys

  2. Love Ghost Adventures, it’s a great show and the season premiere was amazing! That shadow they caught moving behind Zak was freaky, so was all the noises when Aaron was in the community shower and the shaking of the still camera. I love when new GA episodes come on, hell I still watch the reruns, they don’t get old!

  3. Amazing work!! They appeal to every generation. Aaron’s vlogs is great reporting. I would give them an Emmy award.

  4. You guys were SO AWESOME Friday night.

  5. Zak, Nick & Aaron never disappoint!! I have been hooked on their investigative style since episode 1 season 1!!! My son has grown up watching them, plays each character when he is playing GAC and his dream is to meet the crew someday :O) Thanks guys for helping so many know they aren’t crazy and validate there is life after death both positive and negative!

  6. Charlotte Brightman

    One of my favorite shows. I got tired of watching ghost-hunting programs that basically showed nothing but people reacting to things that no one else could see or hear. Zak, Nick and Aaron come up with real, tangible evidence — which they play several times over so viewers can watch or listen more than once — and also try to debunk sounds or shadows that some shows would make out to be paranormal when they’re really not.

  7. Love these guys. Ive always had an open mind and the GAC does to. I love that they dont jump to conclusions and that they prove this with science which makes it real not fake. Zak, Nick, and Aaron are great guys with alot of respect for others. I can kinda relate to them, ive been bullied, i love animals,and skulls and i love nature! Hope to see them around for many more years.

  8. Best paranormal show in TV history.

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  10. Ghost Adventures has become part of my life now, and i dont know how i lived before watching GAC. this is my absolute favorite show and i reccomend it to all complete skeptics. it will definitely change skeptcs into true believers. I LOVE GHOST ADVENTURES:)

  11. GHOST ADVENTURES=LIFE:) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    GAC for ever, baby! Whooo!!

  12. this show is definitely the best show ever!!! this is like, my third post, but that just shows how much i truly love this show.<3<3:):)

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