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By Rose Connolly, Certified Career and Transition Coach

Las Vegas Informer


Q- Dear Rose,

How do I dress like a million during my job search when I have a limited budget? 

Carmel in Las Vegas

A- Great question! Check out Savers in your area or designer resale shops listed on line or in the Yellow Pages.  You will find stores for men and women and you will be amazed at the wonderful bargains you find on suits, dresses and outfits that are perfect for interviewing.


Q- Dear Rose,

This employment search is taking a long time. Why is it taking forever to land a job? 

Randy in Henderson

A- It is taking a long time because there are many people out of work and everyone wants the   position that you want. If you go beyond “applying online”, find out who the manager is and write an approach letter or just walk in the door to see them. You may just time it right but be dressed for an interview with resume in hand!


Q- Dear Rose,

Should I prepare my own questions to ask the employer when I go in for an interview?  

Chantel in North Las Vegas

A- Absolutely! You are interviewing the interviewer and the more you know about the company and the job description the better. The better your questions, the more info you are going to have on what the company has to offer and why you would want to work there. This may or may not be the right company for you and by asking questions you find out then and there.


Q- Dear Rose,

I feel really burned out and exhausted looking for a job . How do I rejuvenate myself     so I can keep looking for employment without that “freak-out” feeling?

Damon in Las Vegas

A- Looking for full time work is very stressful.  You need to take care of YOU. This means, eating right, exercising, taking vitamins and taking a day off to do nothing by relax. Take a day off to be with family and friends.  You may need career or mental health counseling and these services would be excellent support systems for you during this difficult time.

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