Modern Goddess Hair Model Event – Cosmopolitan Connections

XIS, Valerie Erisman-Mcclaskey, Emily Johnson at Cosmopolitan Connections The DueceBy: Denise Savello

Photos by: Roger Bennett

Beautiful models styled by a team of stylists attended Cosmopolitan Connections on Wednesday night at The Deuce at Aria. The event featured master hair, fashion, and makeup stylists at keep today’s looks sexy, streamlined, and current. Guests attending Cosmopolitan Connections Modern Goddess Hair Model Event enjoyed taking photos with the models and interacting with the stylists.

The models were styled by Valerie, owner of Boutikitou, hair was styled by master stylist XIS, and Emily Johnson. The models looked fabulous! Valerie has been designing and styling since she was 8 years old and has a proven track record of building success from the ground up. At only age 28, she built and sold her first company. After earning her degree in Fashion Design and Business Management in Kansas, she sold her company and moved to Las Vegas to start Boutikitou.  Boutikitou offers style pieces from $15-$80 for all women from sizes 0 to 3x! ‘We want to inspire your desire to love you’ is Boutikitou’s motto, stated Valerie. ‘We want to bring out your best.’ Visit their website to shop or schedule a private styling session with Valerie at

Master stylist XIS attends Cosmopolitan Connections regularly and has built a sharp reputation of stunning and sexy hair. Born in Chicago XIS started cutting hair at age 11 by helping his father in his barber shop. Upon his father’s recommendation, XIS left Chicago to study with Gene Juarez Salon and Spas in Seattle. ‘My favorite thing about hair is the styling aspect, it’s always been an outlet for me and I truly love it.’ stated XIS. XIS is becoming well knows throughout the Las Vegas Community and has seen his business grow dramatically through referrals. XIS can be contacted at Euphoria on W. Charleston or by calling him at 702-948-HAIR!

Top Stylist, Emily Johnson also styled the model’s hair for the event. Originally from Coeur d’Alene Idaho, Emily knew she had to learn the business of styling hair well in order to be successful. She started assisting and worked 10+ hours a day for over a year and after learning the business inside out, she decided to step out on her own and build her own styling business. ‘Word of mouth has been the most beneficial aspect of growing my business and now my business has begun to take on a life of its own and it’s really growing’ Emily said. ‘Time with clients is key because in this business it’s easy to get complacent’. Emily always gives 110 percent to all her clients and she’s looking forward to her career growth in Las Vegas. Emily’s motto in business is ‘ “Never lose focus or give up on what you want to do-Hard work always pays off in the long run.”

“The event was a huge success we had over 100 attendees!  We always have an awesome turnout especially for XIS events, as he also has the most beautiful models on display during the event from 7-9pm. Our event guests can take photos with the models by our event photographer Roger Bennett.’ said Yvette Brown, founder of Cosmopolitan Connections.

Modern Goddess Hair and Model Event was another huge success for Cosmopolitan Connections!  Yvette’s events have been a great way for businesses and people to meet and relax. The events are always fun and it’s a great way to meet new people.  Yvette said ”I always enjoy bringing high-caliber individuals together to build business relationships. For me the biggest reward is being a large part of bringing people and business together, which ultimately helps everyone.’

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  1. Amazing Article by Denise Savello!
    Cheers Yvette Brown

  2. I love “INFORMER”! Have to do a model spread someday.

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