“Revenge” Season 2 Opens with a Vengeance

By Joe Buda

Las Vegas Informer

When we last left the world of Emily Thorn, the plane carrying Victoria Grayson and Lydia Davis had been apparently sabotaged and crashed, destroying most of the SEC evidence against Grayson Global.  Charlotte Grayson overdosed on drugs.  Amanda Clarke (the real Emily Thorn) returned pregnant to reclaim Jack, and Emily discovered that her mother was still alive.

The following review of the premiere makes an assumption that you have already seen the episode.  If not, beware, there are spoilers ahead.

(Warning: Spoilers ahead)

Season two starts out with undersea divers checking out the wreck of Jack’s boat, Amanda.  A male body is found in the wreckage.

The show skips back a few months earlier, where Emily is working with her mentor Satoshi.  Emily is trying to get back memories of her mother, and is doing it by allowing herself to nearly drown. She eventually leaves his tutelage to return to her new quest to find her mother.  This displeases Satoshi as he feels Emily is not focused on her primary task, of taking down those responsible for her father’s death.

This is a theme that has emerged before when Satoshi came to town.  This tension between the two works on many levels, but mostly reminds us despite him being her mentor, she is very much her own person and will do what pleases her. It goes to remind us that his role is part mentor, part father figure, with Emily being the sometimes rebellious daughter.

The episode felt a natural continuation from the season finale.

Charlotte is finishing up rehab, Jack and Amanda (the real Emily) are expecting their first child and Nolan has taken up boxing.

Nolan seemed very determined in his first scenes in the episode to establish that he is learning to take care of himself, so he can be better prepared in case he is abducted again.  Plus, with what he and Emily do (even though they are not official partners in this) he will need this.

Victoria is also thought dead at the beginning of this episode.  Charlotte holds a secret, though, her mother is still alive. And her father holds a secret, he is trying to keep Charlotte in rehab so he can gain control of her inheritance from Victoria’s demise.

This is where the episode lost me a little.  Not that Victoria faked her own death, but that Charlotte so quickly gives that information up to Emily.  Charlotte did not know the cell phone her mother secretly gave her would be taken away from her, so as far as she knew, she could still get calls from Victoria.

So why tell Emily. Then Emily just shows up on Victoria’s doorstep. She and Victoria have a pleasant conversation.  Not once but twice, the second time being when Emily returns the seashell with the hidden camera.

We do learn, via the seashell cam, that Victoria probably survived the plane crash because the man behind it, the white haired man from season one, is working with her.

The other part of the episode that felt forced was the hospital where Emily’s mother was committed.  It seemed a bit extreme that the organization behind all of this had the entire hospital closed after David Clarke was arrested.

So, every patient was moved to a different facility.  Facilities close all of the time, however, what was so striking about this one was how quickly it took place.  According to the newspaper clippings, the workers only found out after they arrived to work it seems.

It was closed so fast that decades after closing Nolan and Emily find a critical piece of evidence left behind – the visitor sign in sheet from the hospital.

Other than those few instances noted above, the “Revenge” season premiere felt like an old friend returned.

Emily is going to be busy this season, with her return to the Hamptons, finding out that Daniel and Ashley are now an item, searching for her mother and getting revenge on a much larger organization than she originally imagined.


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