“666 Park Avenue” Offers Plenty of Seduction

By John Randolph

Las Vegas Informer

ABC has a potential hit on its hand with “666 Park Avenue,” a show about The Drake, its tenants and especially its owners.

After watching the first two episodes, it is clear that this show has more than just a little potential.

(Warning: This review assumes the reader has watched the first two episodes.)

“666 Park Avenue” pulled out all of the stops when it came to casting.  Terry O’Quinn (Lost) and Vanessa Williams (Desperate Housewives) play Gavin and Olivia Doran, the evil owners of The Drake. Joining them are Dave Annable (Brothers & Sisters) and Rachel Taylor (Charlies Angels 2011) playing new-to-the-city couple Henry and Jane.

The Drake itself is the other main character in the series.

In a recent ABC commercial, the network used the tagline “Taste the seduction” when describing the show.  A theme that is prevalent throughout the first two episodes is seduction, what will the characters do to get what they truly want.

In fact, each episode featured heavily the tenants’ various deals with Gavin and the prices they have to pay.

The first episode starts with a violinist who is apparently out of time.  His deal was for ten years of being great, in return, presumably, his soul.  He finds out in the end that there is no leaving The Drake or the deal he made.

The building itself fascinates Jane, who has an architectural background.  She sets out early on to learn more about The Drake and to assist Gavin in restoring it to its former glory.  There seems to be an almost psychic connection between Jane and the building as she is prone to visions.  This is reminiscent of Danny Torrance in “The Shining,” albeit a lot less scary.

While the seductions have seemed obvious so far, there seems to be a more sinister plot at work.  There is also an undertone that Jane and Henry serve a larger purpose.  Jane figures out there is a hidden room in the basement and sets out to uncover it.  The evil Drake has a hidden room, this cannot be good.

Henry is tested in episode two.  He has the option to tell Gavin secretive information and save Gavin from a disastrous deal, or keep it to himself and maintain his integrity.  He chooses his integrity, which Gavin ends up praising him for.

In the end of episode two Gavin tells Olivia that Henry is going to be a hero.

This show can ultimately go two ways.  It could become a supernatural version of “The Love Boat” and concentrate on new tenants each week, which would grow old quickly.  Or it could build up to a greater purpose, much like “Once Upon a Time” did in its first season.

The series does concentrate more on seduction than fear.  Do not expect to lose sleep after watching “666 Park Avenue.”

The Drake is not like the Overlook from “The Shining.” The Overlook was more in-your-face with the fear.  The Drake goes a more seductive, playful route.

One quality of a good show is that they do not show all of their surprises all at once.  A good show leaves questions for the viewers and slowly reveals the answer a little at a time.

“666 Park Avenue” has left us with a few big questions.  Is Gavin the Devil or merely another person cursed by The Drake?  What is Jane’s connection to the building?  How is Henry going to be the hero?

Hopefully finding out the answers to these questions is a slow, seductive process for the viewers.


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