The Chamber Haunt at Primm Transports Reality to Another Time, Another Place

Chamber Haunt

The Chamber Haunt at Primm features demons and ghouls. Photo by Joe Buda

by Debbie Hall, Contributing Writer

Las Vegas Informer

While Primm, Nev. is known for its outlet mall, roller coaster ride, shows and other fun activities, outside the Primm Valley Casino time has fallen through a dark hole into the future when demons and warriors face off to battle in The Chamber Haunt.

Between the fights, visitors trek through the battleground, fighting with zombies and goblins who have invaded present day Las Vegas. But even the darkest of days holds light with humor and The Chamber also promises a smile along with the terror. For gamers, this is the ultimate interactive game without the need for virtual sensations or avatars. The Chamber becomes an experience that is real.

Part of its effects is the incredible details that go into the makeup and costuming of the characters so important to the reality of the Chamber Haunt.

Check out the slide show of The Chamber Haunt at Primm

Nick Reisinger, special effects makeup artist, currently works in network television and travels between Los Angeles and Las Vegas to oversee the creation of all of the actors in the Chamber Haunt.

“We use some masks that we make ourselves along with prosthetic; everything from life casts to sculpture to pieces,” he said. “We have gone from just using foam to silicone which is really high end and used in television and movie productions.”

By using these methods, all of the actors can incorporate their facial expressions into the characters. It takes a team of four professional makeup artists about 16-20 minutes to change the actors into their ghoulish characters and airbrushing is never used at The Chamber.

Original music is broadcast throughout the evening and sets the mood.  Since it is an open air attraction, battles occur in the courtyard as well as in the Chamber.

Ranked as one of the top Haunts and featured on the Travel Channel, this is not JUST a haunted Halloween house but an experience that transcends the season.

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