UFL Suspends Play for Season Four, Plans to Finish Season in Spring 2013

By Joe Buda

Las Vegas Informer

The United Football League, known for its financial issues lately, announced on Saturday, Oct. 20 that it is suspending the fourth season until Spring 2013.

According to a press release by the UFL, the league will pick up in Spring 2013 to finish the remaining four games left on the schedule as well as the championship game.

“The players and coaches have established a terrific product on the field,” said Paul F. Pelosi, spokesman for the UFL ownership group and owner of the Sacramento Mountain Lions. “Because of a lack of sufficient funds due to the high cost of workmen’s compensation insurance and other elements, we are postponing the second half of the season. We plan to play the balance of the season in the spring, along with the championship game.”

The dates for the league’s return have not been established.

According to Pelosi, the extra time will allow the league to “meet its financial obligations and re-emerge in strong fiscal shape.”

Further, Pelosi added, “It is our first priority to take care of our players, coaches, and staff

and then to raise sufficient funds to take care of our other obligations and to resume fully-financed operations in 2013.”

After the fourth season is completed in Spring 2013, the league is looking to return to play in Fall 2013.

The news release did not address the following concerns:

  • If the league is intending on taking care of the coaches, players and staff, what are their plans for the vendors who provided services this year?
  • Will the league be making payment to people not paid for previous seasons?
  • How will the league use this time to be in a better financial position this time?  The league suspended operations early in the 2011 season due to financial reasons as well.


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2 Responses to UFL Suspends Play for Season Four, Plans to Finish Season in Spring 2013

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  2. NO wonder the UFL is in the shape it is in when the owners try to start up
    this season and still owe STAFF PLAYERS VENDORS from past years
    It is our understanding they pretty much have put the screws to the people
    that put alot of blood sweat and hard work in to make the UFL go then the
    OWNERS instead of getting them paid tried to start up another season and
    basically screw more pople as they go!!!!!
    On a positive not the product on the field is pretty darn good to bad the people running the Ufl are not to smart and use people!!!!!!!
    I sure hope they do what they havent in past get everybody paid that is due

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