Short Sale Advice, Beauty Queens and Business Networking with Cosmopolitan Connections

By Joe Buda

Las Vegas Informer

Photos by Roger Bennett

Cosmopolitan Connections presented “The Real Estate & Meet Ms. NV Globe’s Mixer!” on Oct. 18.  This event featured several experts on real estate as well as beauty queens.

When Yvette Brown, founder of Cosmopolitan Connections, was approached by attorney Renee Smith, author of “My Short Sale Guru’s Guide” and host of Fox 29’s “2012 Short Sale Guru Show,” she knew real estate and short sales would be featured at her next event.

“I knew that an event to help give advice to potential short sale participants from local experts would be my next event,” Yvette explained. “I’m always approached by my event attendees to do different themed events featuring themselves and their businesses and I’m more than happy to oblige, especially when the event helps other people in terms of service and free advice.”

Renee was joined by other experts in real estate to offer advice during the event.

Renee stated that one common mistake people make in regards to their short sale is being afraid to fully disclose their finances to the bank.

According to Eric Auger, a Las Vegas real estate expert with over 12 years of experience, one of the key mistakes people make in regards to a short sale is indecision.

“People are afraid of making a decision to cut ties with their home,” Eric explained. “They procrastinate hoping that the value of their home goes back up without realizing that in most cases it would take six to 15 years to just break even.”

“In 10 years their home will need to be remodeled to keep up with the market. It is a losing bet,” Eric added. “Some also want to rent their home during that time not taking in consideration that the home could go vacant for a month or more and could be damaged by the tenant.”

“If cash is an issue it is also a losing bet,” continued Eric.

He recommends that people take action now.

Craig Tann, Broker for the Craig Tann Group, agreed.

“I think the number one mistake homeowners are making in regards to short sales is not taking action,” Craig stated. “We are seeing a lot of homeowners missing mortgage payments but doing nothing about it.”

“It is better to short sell now because banks are giving incentives,” Eric stated. “They can receive up to $3,000 from the bank to short sell. That incentive will not last forever.”

Eric further advised that people “check the credentials of the realtor they hire and use a specialized law firm such as Renee Smith.”

Renee agreed that anyone considering a short sale will need to consult with the right experts.

Her advice is for the seller to “work with someone who is knowledgeable about how to complete the forms.”

“The correct forms and accurate financial disclosure streamlines the process,” continued Renee.

An important tip for sellers that Craig provided was to stay involved.

“When perusing a short sale, the homeowner needs to stay involved,” Craig stated. “Follow up with the agent they have hired. Get paperwork and documents back in a timely manner.”

“Time is of the essence with short sales,” Craig added. “Homeowner participation is key in the short sale process.”

Also representing the real estate industry and giving advice to participants were CJ Hays and Dan Sherbondy.   CJ is the Marketing Director for Virtual Results and was on hand to provide realtor website advice.  Dan is the Senior Loan Officer at All Western Mortgage and has over thirteen years of experience.

One mistake CJ finds realtors making in regards to their website is not understanding the “intent to click.”

“It is important to understand how and why an internet consumer is arriving at your site, CJ explained. “The site needs to be designed around the basic statistical needs of the prospects.”

“The majority of the prospects just want to search for a house,” added CJ.

As is usual for a Cosmopolitan Connections’ event, there were multiple themes for the evening. The event also showcased several beauty queens.

“I also love to feature our lovely ladies of Cosmopolitan Connections,” Yvette explained. “We have so many that deserve to be featured and this week we showcased three Ms. NV Globes; Lilian Aguilar de Reyes: Ms. U.S. of A. Globe, Cheryl Fortezzo Prater: Mrs. North American Globe and Neise Cordiero: Mrs. NV Globe.”

“We were very lucky to have photos taken with them by our event photographer Roger Bennett,” added Yvette.

The beauty queen theme is extended through next week for the “Miss and Ms. Nevada United States Casting Call.”

“Next week’s event is Wednesday, October 24 from 7 p.m.- 9 p.m. at “The Beatles Revolution Lounge,” located in the Mirage Hotel.” Yvette stated. “It is the “Miss and Ms. NV United States Casting Call Party!” featuring a special Miss and Ms. Nevada United States Pageant contestant 2013 casting call.”

Yvette added, “This is the official preliminary. Meet the reigning Beauty Queens and pageant director Tanice Smith on the night to find out how you can compete for the titles.”

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  1. Great article Joe!

    Free short sale advice is available to anyone who calls me at 702 813 2661. I can only help if you take action and make the call now!

    Eric Auger, Realtor

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