BOO! My top three picks for Halloween adventure

By Debbie “WalkingDeadinVegas” Halloween

This is the year I wanted to be terrorized, scared, amazed and laughed, so I investigated haunted venues with Joe “Honey Boo” Booda. These are my top three picks.

1.       The Asylum:

WOW. First I have to commend the actors.  This is a talented group of people who know how to scare the **** out of you without touching or crossing any line. Second, there is a whole backstory closely linked to Hotel Fear (check it out on the Las Vegas Haunts website).  With the backstory is a theme and The Asylum stays true to its theme throughout the entire experience. It truly keeps you off balance and your senses do go on overload. It was designed that you get lost on several occasions and I definitely got lost and dizzy and turned about. It is not about throwing things or other standard haunted house tricks but that you are part of a real life event that builds in horror that you want to run screaming. The best part: you then want to do it all over again.

Dr. Havok's Sideshow of Curiosities at Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower

Dr. Havok's Sideshow of Curiosities at Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower showcases the strange. Photography by Joe Buda

2.       Dr. Havock’s Sideshow of Curiosities:

This is SO clever and mind-blowing. Guests are transported to the early 1900s first entering the parlor to The Elixir Lounge, filled with bizarre mementos of Dr. Havock’s travels around the world in search of exotic ingredients. Adults can indulge in specially concocted Jägermeister potions and test tube shots as a prelude and I have to admit I like that. The experience itself is an immersive and eccentric show experience exploring the clever, bizarre, sinister sideshow world full of freaks of nature and dark humor. Dr. Havock is a charming but disturbing medicine pitchman offering his magical elixir and showcasing its “powers” with chilling characters. I was convinced our first character was a hologram but it was a real performer. In fact, after the show, I had to ask “Just HOW did they do that?” The illusions are so realistic and again, the terror is psychological so you want to run screaming and then do it all over again, much like a roller coaster ride. I was beyond amazed.

Chamber Haunt

The Chamber Haunt at Primm features demons and ghouls. Photo by Joe Buda

3.       The Chamber Haunt:

This experience was created as real life game with villains, war of the worlds, battles, demons and good versus evil. The actors created with the most elaborate makeup and costuming, handled by special effects makeup artists who work in network television and travel between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.  I loved that it was open with no ceiling that added a new dimension to the experience. While I am not a gamer, one could experience it as a dark interactive game or fantasy, much like Dungeons and Dragons.  It will take your breath away.

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