The Empowerment Column 2012 – week 48: The Nine of Spades

By Rev. Thabiti

Las Vegas Informer

The ultimate goal of Life is Fulfillment.  Everything that lives simply wants to be satisfied or fulfilled.  We all naturally yearn to succeed emotionally, mentally, financially and spiritually. Fulfillment comes from achievement and achievement comes from right action.  Right action comes from right thinking and right thinking comes from right being.  Our state of being is synonymous to our level of consciousness and congruent with our spiritual and self awareness.  We now advance into the 48th week of the year and the 48th card in the deck is the Nine of Spades.

The Nine of Spades is the ‘Fulfillment’ card


In the deck of playing cards, Spades symbolize work, wisdom, health and spirituality.  The number 9 means higher, completion, ending or fulfillment.  The Nine of Spades also means Spiritual Fulfillment.  We reach or directly experience Spiritual Fulfillment at the exact moment that we release and let go of fear, anger, worry, guilt, the desire to understand and/or the need to be right if we are at odds against anyone else.  From our deeper sense of Spiritual Fulfillment we get an upward shift in perception that we are provided more air than we can breathe, more water than we can drink and more food than we can eat.  We are given more stars than we can count, more books than we can read, more places than we can visit, more websites than we can click on and more people than we can ever meet in a single lifetime.  Spiritual Fulfillment overflows in generosity and we are the beneficiaries who inherit so many things to do and enjoy that there is not enough time to do it all.  As human beings we are bound by nothing except universal laws or our own beliefs.

9 is the highest number in the Universe.  We cannot go higher than the number 9 without adding another digit or changing the rule.  As spiritual beings happening within the human experience along with the higher vibration inherent with the number 9 we set our sights on reaching and achieving the highest ideals, the manifestation of goals, dreams and all of the best that Life has to give.  We are a conscious place where love, peace, compassion, forgiveness, joy and beauty happen without limit or restrictionTogether we ride in the flow of the stream and are carried by the powerful evolutionary life force that passes each way through our whole being as inhaling and exhaling.

Pure Perfection evidenced by planetary motion keeps everything moving in perfect order within our solar system and causing each day to arrive with a punctual sunrise no matter what else happens.  This perfect punctuality resides at the core center of our being and guides us like a GPS or natural navigational system to the more, the better, the higher and greater.  This is why Life has an unerring way of putting us in the perfect situations and circumstances necessary for our growth and development into higher states of consciousness.

The nature of the Spirit is perfect, whole and complete.  This means that the Spirit is never wrong but always right.  Truth conquers all and always prevails in the end.  Pure Spirit and the Absolute Truth are one and the same and have the same known characteristics or identical attributes.  The will of the Spirit is for the expansion or greater expression of Life and the Truth causes personal liberation and freedom.  The Spirit is eternal and the Truth will last forever.  The Truth always wins and Pure Spirit never fails.  The Truth sets us free by unshackling us from erroneous beliefs that prevent or obstruct our ability to enjoy this wonderful and glorious gift of life today.

Eternal Blessings

This week’s message is lovingly dedicated to my long time friend and mentor Debbie Steil, an Entrepreneur Businesswoman, Investor, Life and Animal Lover, Spiritual Activist, a modern day pioneer in Metaphysical, New Age and New Thought modalities.  She is the proud mother of 5 – James, Shawna, Danielle, Kerrie and Ryan.  As a single mother with 5 kids Debbie went from being on welfare in Florida to owning a small chain of puppy stores.  Her path was never easy but her powerful resilience to devastating hardships and setbacks is nothing short of remarkable and deeply inspirational.

After devoting years to ushering in the dawn of the New Age movement in Colorado Springs and beyond she later became interested in massage therapy.  After graduation from massage therapy school she was immediately added to the employee staff at the same school and became the Administrator and climbed the ladder up as far as they would allow her to climb, even offering her a high post at their corporate headquarters.

I have learned so much about love, laughter, acceptance, compassion, business ideas and spirituality from Debbie Steil that my gratitude to her cannot be measured.  All of her children are now grown and doing well but no matter what level of greatness they are destined to achieve as individuals they will always be only a fraction or 1/5th of the greatness of their mother.

Even to this day, Debbie shares knowledge and information designed to provoke an upward shift in consciousness to such a degree that it has earned her a solid reputation among many that if it comes from Debbie Steil, you immediately know it’s got to be good.  No one gets ahead of Debbie whenever it comes to being first on the cutting edge of transformational breakthroughs.  In fact, the cutting edge is trying to catch up with Debbie.

Because of her faithful friendship and privilege of speaking to her numerous times over the years I am more spiritually conscious and insightfully enlightened from her coaching.  A word she often says is “Exactly” in response to whenever the deeper point she’s making is understood.

Reverend Thabiti is the CEO at, Executive Director at, Author of the book, ‘All About You’ and inventor of the Personal Time-Map System.  He also writes the Mars vs. Venus Column in Las Vegas Woman Magazine and officiates in weddings, funerals and various ceremonial invocations.  He can be reached directly at  If you need to instant guidance or support surrounding your situation please visit


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One Response to The Empowerment Column 2012 – week 48: The Nine of Spades

  1. WOW! I am overwhelmed. What Great things you said about me.
    “Namaste” is all I can say. We are kindred spirits from many lifetimes and I so appreciate having you in my life as I am always filled up with inspiration after speaking with you. It is said we are together for a reason, season, or a lifetime. I’m sure they are all true for you and me.
    “Love and Light”

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