Fitness Trends Are Often Recycled Part 1

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By Joe Breen, C.F.T.

Las Vegas Informer

Life is full of trends. We see things that are popular one moment, then five or 10 years later they disappear. Fast forward another five or 10 years they make a comeback. The world of fitness is no different, often times the new and exciting fad we are seeing may be something that was used 20 or sometimes 40 years ago. The interesting thing is what fitness innovators, much like artists often don’t get their just due till many years later and sometimes even after death.

In the last 15- 20 years we have seen many philosophies that were a modern update on an idea that was first used decades earlier. Kettlebells have proven to be a new trend in the fitness market, however what people think is new and exciting has roots which date back to the 1700’s. They were used in Russia as a counterweight to farming equipment. People started using them as fitness equipment and by the 1940’s lifting became a sport. The interesting thing about Kettlebells is that they offer a different type of resistance then machines and free weights. Because of the odd shape and the fact that the mass of Kettlebells is often off center, a person must incorporate muscles that are used in real life situations. Informer writer Dr. Donald Ozello uses them in his fitness routine and has been happy with the results.  They are definitely something worth looking into, for a nice change to your workout.

Another idea that has gotten a resurgence in the last 20 years is the high fat / low carb diet. While we may think the origins of this idea start with Dr. Atkins, you would be surprised to find out that the diet actually goes back to 1797 with a doctor named John Rollo who used a low carb diet to treat two diabetic army officers. Later William Banting an obese English undertaker used this diet to help him fight obesity and later wrote a book on the subject, stating this diet could lead to weight control. Proponents of this idea feel that the beginning of the decline of health in America started because of the introduction of sugar and carbs in our society. They also believe that man was designed to eat this way, and the introduction of simple sugars, breads, starches, and sodas is what has caused obesity rates to skyrocket. The late Vince Gironda who was trainer to many celebrities as well as world class athletes advocated this diet for four decades and argued that the idea of heart disease had no merit.

In the 1980’s the trend moved toward the low fat- high carbohydrate movement and the world of fitness followed suit. However in the mid 1990’s the low carb diet made a comeback most notably with the revised edition of the Atkins Diet and the groundbreaking “Anabolic Diet” by Dr. Mauro DiPasquale, which used the low carb formula along with some of the benefits of the high- carb diet.

In “Automatic Fitness” we recommend trying both the low-fat and high-fat diets and finding about what works best for you. In the next article I will discuss some more fitness trends which have been resurfacing over the years. To order the “Anabolic Diet” call OTS (Optimum Training Systems) at (800) 899-8153.  Or you can go to to find out about his latest book “The Metabolic Diet.”

To find out more information on fitness routines and how to maximize your results go to

Until next time keep reaching for your goals.

Joe Breen, C.F.T.

As a child I was inactive and overweight. That changed for me around age 13 when I became involved in sports.  By age 19, I had entered the competitive bodybuilding arena.   As a result of questions I was receiving from the public regarding training, etc, I became a Certified Personal Trainer.

For the last 13 years, I have been helping people with their fitness goals whether it is weight loss, weight gain or reshaping themselves at their goal weight.  I enjoy assisting people by providing the tools they need to achieve their fitness goals.  It is a privileged to inform and educate the readers of the Las Vegas Informer so that they can have the knowledge and confidence to reach their goals.

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  1. Joe, great work on this well researched and insightful article. I’m looking forward to part 2.

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