“Revenge” Spoilers and “Revelations” Review

By John Randolph

Las Vegas Informer

“Revenge” gave us good campy fun in its 2012 winter finale episode, “Revelations.”  This episode featured “Revenge” doing what it does best, big events and big betrayals.

The two big events on the episode were Carl’s baptism and the Grayson Global board of director’s meeting where Daniel was trying to take over as CEO of the company.

Carl’s baptism featured a few friends of Jack’s father stopping by, most notably Matt Duncan.  It also featured Jack inviting Kenny and his brother to the event as well.

During the event, Matt saw the Ryan brothers and warned Jack that they were no good.  Jack took this warning and followed up with a call to Nolan.

Later in the episode, when Matt was looking for Jack at the Amanda, he ran into the Ryans.  After Jack finds a severely beaten Matt, Matt confesses to Jack that he (Matt) shot and killed the Ryan’s father.  He also remarked that Jack’s father (Carl) hid the weapon on the Amanda.

Jack finds out from Nolan that Matt was correct about the Ryans, they are trouble.

As a regular viewer of the show, it is nice to see this story getting a little meatier.  It may not have anything to do with the main story, but at least it is a tale of revenge, and not just someone trying to take over the bar.

The other big event on the show was the pending Grayson Global board of director’s meeting.  Daniel’s bid for power added a lot of fun to the episode, especially since it consisted of Daniel sparring with the Victoria.

Victoria and Conrad started off by setting their sights on Salvador, a major investor in Grayson Global, and a vote they needed in order to retain power.

Victoria will stop at nothing to get his vote and set Salvador up by having Ashley sleep with him.  She gained control over Ashley by finding an intimate video of her (Ashley) and Conrad. Unfortunately for Victoria, she did not account for the team of Emily and Aiden.  Aiden called Daniel to the hotel where Ashley was seducing Salvador, and let him know that they were together.

When Daniel caught Salvador in a compromising position with Ashley, he did whatever a good Grayson would do, resort to blackmail.  In order for Daniel to keep silent, he would get Salvador’s vote for control of the company.

Daniel’s other big blackmail move of the show came against Nolan.  Daniel called for a meeting with Nolan and Padma to discuss the Grayson Global takeover of NolCorp.  Daniel blindsided Nolan with Marco, who gave Daniel enough information to warrant an investigation.  Marco informed Daniel that Nolan placed $500 million of NolCorp money into an account during the IPO.  The money disappeared.

While Marco did not know the money went to Emily, Daniel threatened to have a team if forensic investigators find the missing money if Nolan did not comply.  In order to protect Emily, Nolan complied and gave control of NolCorp to Grayson Global.

With control of NolCorp, and the votes needed, Daniel successfully outmaneuvered Victoria and Conrad and took control of Grayson Global.

After the vote, Daniel informed Aiden that the board decided to “close ranks” and not allow any other people on the board, so there would not be any room for Aiden unless someone stepped down.

This is an interesting turn of events, but not surprising, as Daniel seems to have taken the reign on family double dealing.  The only reason Aiden was helping Daniel was to get on the board to get inside and help take down the Initiative.

But this is “Revenge” and with the team of Aiden and Emily, I have a good feeling they will set their sights on getting one of the board members to “step down.”

The Initiative made an appearance, mentioning to Conrad and Victoria how they would be working with Daniel from now on.  In a brief flash of compassion and caring, the Graysons are upset at this thought.

In the end of the episode, Daniel deleted pictures of Ashley from his computer, but kept one of Emily.  A nice touch at the end was Daniel getting a gift from the Initiative.  It contains a camera which is being watched by the Initiative board.

This episode was good campy fun in that it featured the characters at their worst, or best, depending on how you look at it.

Daniel proved to be a true Grayson, going after what he wanted and doing everything in his power to get it.


  • Episode 10 is titled “Power” and revolves around the visit of a judge and his wife, Robert and Patricia Barnes, to the Hamptons for a charity event. Patricia has a colorful past.  My guess is they are connected to David Clarke somehow and this will be a classic Emily Thorne revenge episode.
  • Episode 11 is titled “Sabotage.”  It features an illegal gun as well as a high-end auction.
  • This episode will introduce a new character, Jason Prosser, who is described as a match for Conrad Grayson. Prosser will be played by former Nip / Tuck actor Dylan Walsh.
  • Episode 13 will feature the sinking of the Amanda, which was foretold at the beginning of the season.
  • This episode is expected to feature at least one death.
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  1. Daniel deleted photos from his computer not his phone. And u forgot the best part,when emily out shot daniel

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