“One Life to Live” and “All My Children” Closer to Returning

By John Randolph

Las Vegas Informer

“One Life to Life” and “All My Children,” both of which were canceled by ABC may have a new leases on life.

The soaps, which stopped airing in September 2011 (“All My Children) and January 2012 (“One Life to Life”), were originally scheduled to start up again in early 2012 as online series produced by Prospect Park.

Prospect Park was unable to continue the shows as planned due to a number of factors. The company has since made considerable headway and reportedly has deals in place with the directors and actors guilds.

According to a report by Soap Opera Digest, Jennifer Pepperman has been named the new showrunner for “One Life to Live.” Pepperman previously served as a coordinating producer with the show.

Over at “All My Children,” the first returning cast member has been signed.  Vincent Irizarry announced on Facebook his return to the show.

According to Irizarry,”Happy to share that I just signed on with Prospect Park for the All My Children reboot.”

Irizarry played villainous Dr. David Hayward from 1997 until the show ended in 2011. His character used unethical means to get the results he desired.  During the shows end, it was discovered that Hayward used his methods to bring many of AMC’s deceased characters back from the dead.

Prospect Park is aiming to begin production on both shows in early 2013 in Stamford, CT.  If resurrected, the shows are expected to air with minimal commercial interruptions in 30-minute episodes online.

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8 Responses to “One Life to Live” and “All My Children” Closer to Returning

  1. So glad to here that some one is doing thr right thing god bless

  2. Wonderful to here my friends are coming back God Bless You

  3. I thought I was’nt going to be able to get over losing One Life To Live, but when the characters were combined with General Hospital, the sadness disappeared. I would like to see more of the characters return like Vicky, Natalie and Jesica. Maybe All My Children could be added to the mix. I know I wouldn’t object to all three soaps becoming one. This might save the station money for 3 separate shows and put my favorite characters back in place. PLEASE?

  4. i hope they bring amc and oltl back on even if it on here i miss them all so bring them back r but them 2 shows on gh

  5. I too hope that both shows be resumed where they left off….the rating will sky rocket,and so will the fans. Im sure.

  6. Is this going to be on regular TV or just on line?

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