Three Beautiful People Descend on Henderson (Nevada) for 2012 Pub Crawl

By Debbie Hall, contributing writer

Informer Media Group

Heads turned, people gasped and everyone moved aside as Joe Buda, Melissa Candek and me (Debbie Hall) strolled into Emerald Island Casino to begin our 2012 Henderson Pub Crawl.

Now we had so many other options but we have already done the Strip, private parties and cool concerts and we decided it was the year to do something totally different and unexpected – spend it in Henderson.

Emerald Island, one of its newest casinos, was featuring great free food, hats, beads and free photos. Still, one w(h)ine was that the there was no free Irish coffee when we arrived.  However, we were offered great free food, hats, beads and free photos. Of course, we insisted EVERYONE there would be offered great free food, hats, beads and free photos – we didn’t want any hurt feelings.

From there, we strolled to the Rainbow Casino with its silver mirrored ceiling (better to gaze upon our beauty) and then over to El Dorado with more great food and drink (along with a proud history of being one of the oldest casinos in Las Vegas).

It was chilly outside and while we saw people point at us, I must thank everyone for keeping a respectable distance. With no one surrounding us, we hurried to The Coffee House for some hot java. Someone must have tipped them off because when we walked in, there was an amazing singer to serenade us and more food (which we insisted be shared with everyone – let’s end 2012 on a generous note).

From there we headed to Gold Mine Tavern and to the dismay of all, we wanted to catch the fireworks at Lake Las Vegas so we had to tell everyone goodbye but be certain to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Lake Las Vegas was waiting for us with our first stop at Casino MonteLago.  Toasting with champagne, the stunning crowd blended well with our presence. As Midnight approached, we hurried to a prime spot at Ravella to watch the fireworks.

After a glorious display of fire and looming stars, we walked back to Casino MonteLago where 2013 was in full swing. We felt good making Henderson, the state of Nevada, the United States and the planet a little brighter place to live.

On a more serious note, Happy New Year everyone. The staff and management of the Informer Media Group look forward to being a part of  prosperous, joyous 2013.

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