Christopher Guy Accentuates Simplicity with Elegance

By Andre’ Haynes

Las Vegas Informer

Thousands of designers, vendors, buyers, salesman and attendees flocked to the Winter 2013 Las Vegas Market at the World Market Center.  Las Vegas Market is the flagship show at the World Market Center, drawing a diverse group of 50,000 qualified buyers and other industry professionals from around the globe to each semi-annual market.  And that number continues to grow.  Las Vegas Market is conveniently organized to offer the utmost in convenience for buyers and sellers by grouping together like product.

I attended the ribbon cutting ceremony and the cocktail reception of Christopher Guy, an award-winning British luxury fashion designer.  He celebrated the grand opening of his new 8,000 square foot Las Vegas showroom inside the World Market Center.  Christopher Guy’s pieces have been featured in Hollywood productions such as “The Hangover”, “Ocean’s 13”, “007” – “Casino Royale” and “Tomorrow Never Dies”, “The Devil Wears Prada”; and used by designers in hotels such as Ritz Carlton worldwide, Wynn Resorts, and Grosvenor House Hotel London.  For more information about Christopher Guy visit his Official Website.

Christopher Guy paused between introducing new designs and posing for photographs to discuss his endeavors with the Las Vegas Informer.


What is your secret of success?

Answer of Christopher Guy: 

Hard work and international perspective.  International perspective because you learn things from different parts of the world and when you apply them to your knowledge bank it builds a picture of where you need to be.  Sometimes you feel that you are doing much better than you actually are and when you travel the world you can measure yourself.  Traveling internationally is a good measurement because you can see where the trends are and what is happening.


How do you incorporate cultural influences into your designs while defining your signature?

Answer of Christopher Guy: 

Part of it is market needs.  For a long time people wanted something elaborate such as your main buying customers and emerging markets like Russia and China.  It goes against what I actually like.  I like simplicity, but simplicity with elegance.  Everybody recognizes what elegance is.  For example if you have two women and one is beautiful and one is elegant, the woman with elegance has more value than the woman who is beautiful.  Beauty can be interpreted in different ways; however elegance is recognized across all cultures.  I try to interpret elegance into my furnishings because it does not have international boundaries.


How do you select customers?

Answer of Christopher Guy: 

I do not.  I am always thrilled when designers select my furniture.  I am honored to be included in Harrods Department Store in London because it was a childhood dream and they are known for being a standard of excellence.  Also to be included in the James Bond movies because as a kid I idolized the lifestyle of Roger More with beautiful cars and beautiful women.


How do you decide what is next?

Answer of Christopher Guy: 

I aim to score a ten on every single point.  I always look at the hotels.  You walk through the door, how was the greeting? How was the valet service? How was the experience of walking through the lobby? What was the corridor like? When you opened the bedroom door did it jam or creak?  What does the bedroom look like and so on? I have a year of hard work to get CG, the company where I want it to be and I have assembled this checklist.  I want to complete my checklist and when I do, I am sure to have another checklist.  So it never ends.


What message would you like to share with the design world?

Answer of Christopher Guy: 

Every business is harder to do than it was 20 years ago and it is getting more and more difficult.  It is a long road.  I encourage designers to see the other side of the business.  I invite people to visit my London office and my US office and my Singapore office, even my Java factory because you see different perspectives of everything.  Too often people just see things from their own backyard and you need to see design from a global perspective.

Christopher Guy has influenced Kelly Ivaska and her work for Kelly I Designs.  Kelly is a sought after home designer based in Palos Verdes, and with a design studio in Redondo Beach.  When asked to comment about Christopher Guy she said, “I am currently working on decorating a multi- level contemporary ocean view home in Hermosa Beach California.  Once I walked into the home and met the home owners I realized that this is no ordinary job.  I need to create a sophisticated and seductive space that keeps in the coastal mood of the area.  The owners chose Kelly I Designs because we always try to think out of the box and create interest by using contemporary style mixed furnishings with vintage and worldly elements.  It is a fusion that can sometimes be hard to describe.  And that is our intent!  I instantly thought of Christopher Guy and his collection of refined and elegant furnishings that are unique and make a “wow” statement!  His furniture is very sexy and I felt any piece would work well in this house.  We used an ivoire lacquered cocktail table in the main living area that set the mood for the most refined contemporary look with classic values.  It was easy to work a bit of French and Spanish influenced furniture choices around this amazing piece of furniture.  My clients are very happy and I look forward to continuing with this project and selecting other key pieces from the Christopher Guy collection to enhance this home.”

‘Special thanks to Mary Hall Ross and Angie Garcia from The Ross Group for inviting me to a fabulous grand opening  and introducing me to Christopher Guy.’

Andre’ Haynes

Andre’ Haynes is a contributing writer for the Las Vegas Informer newspaper.  Haynes also is a talk-show co-host of Veterans In Politics; and manages Endeavor Media Group, a Las Vegas PR agency that was founded in 2011 and focuses on A&E, Politics, and Sports.

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  1. Dear Andre,
    What a pleasure to have met you.
    I very much like the intervie that you posted on Christopher Guy
    Thank you for your time and great attention.
    Wishing you a very successful 2013!
    I hope to see you again!
    Warm regards,


    Los Angeles, Calif. (July 2013) – Join Christopher Guy, “Creators of the World’s Most Fabulous Furnishings”, at the Summer 2013 Las Vegas Market. Once again, Christopher Guy adds a new and innovative face to its Las Vegas Showroom. The recently expanded Mademoiselle Collection can be seen during the Summer 2013 Las Vegas Market from July 29- August 2, 2013 at the Christopher Guy showroom located at the Las Vegas Design Center.

    The Christopher Guy Las Vegas showroom has undergone a complete summer renovation that will offer several key conceptual areas including a 3-room Penthouse featuring many new pieces in the Mademoiselle Collection; a passageway of 24 vignettes that highlight snapshot settings, and a state-of-the art design lab, energizing guests from the moment they step into the showroom.

    “This is our second Vegas Market in our very own 8000 sq.ft showroom, and follows on from the huge success of our previous showing. As a result of this success, we have invested in the refurbishment of the space in time for this July’s Market,” says Founder and CEO, Christopher Guy Harrison. “Incorporated within the space is a penthouse, plus 24 individual vignette showcases, each offering a coordinated selection of our latest products. This coincides with this month’s exciting launch of our new website that includes a state-of-the-art room planner software tool, based on 1920’s hand drawn mood-boards that I discovered in a French library. It has taken us 2-years to develop the software, offering a revolutionary presentation tool, and available to any design visitor to the website.”

    Some of the highlights of the expanded Mademoiselle Collection that can be seen at the market include the Dita (#60-0354), a beautiful curvaceous sofa which will entice guests with its Crimson Italian Velvet fabric. Christopher Guy will heat things up by showcasing several iconic mirrors in vivid, Valentino Red Lacquer. In the Mademoiselle Penthouse, which consists of a grand foyer, a beautiful bedroom, and the Main Salon, guests can find a pair of La Pausa (#60-0351) chairs. The La Pausa chair is inspired by the alfresco lifestyle of Coco Chanels Riviera retreat, a home gifted to her in the 1920s by the 2nd Duke of Westminster. The Mademoiselle Collection would not be complete without a signature Christopher Guy mirror design, Jaeger (#50-2967), a three piece mirror design that reflects elegance through its sheer simplicity, with clean and contemporary lines.

    The Las Vegas Market follows the successful opening of the Christopher Guy flagship showroom in New York. The beautiful 20,000 square foot showroom is located at the Penthouse floor of the historic New York Design Center and has strengthened the brand’s offering to designers and architects in one of the world’s largest metropolitan areas. In June, Christopher Guy launched its cutting edge new website. The iBuild software feature on the website is a collection of interactive applications: iWall, iRoom and iPlan Pro, for interior designing. It allows users to view their selection of CG items side by side as hand-drawings within a room setting. With iBuild, users will see their projects come to life, in a hand-sketched technique never before experienced. These
    tools are ideal for interior designers and sophisticated homeowners, and set to inspire the way they interact with the website, adding their personal creativity to a Christopher Guy layout.

    Special guests, members of the press, and trade visitors are invited to attend the Christopher Guy VIP opening cocktail reception on Monday, July 29 from 5pm-7pm where guests can meet and mingle with legendary designer Christopher Guy Harrison. On Tuesday, July 29 and Wednesday, July 30, the excitement continues with more tradetalk in the apartment showroom over Sweets and Champagne from 4pm-7pm. To further add to the expansion celebration, Christopher Guy will host lunch in the apartment Monday through Thursday starting at noon.

    Christopher Guy Harrison, the creator and CEO of the Christopher Guy brand, was born in Britain, raised in Spain and France, and currently resides between Singapore, London, Los Angeles and New York. His international background allows him to draw on inspiration from everything he experiences around him, as well as contributing to his ability to incorporate period elements and transform them into timeless designs graced with elegance and sophistication.

    Defined by the singular design philosophy of “A Contemporary Mood with Classic Values”, Christopher Guy furnishings have garnered worldwide acclaim. Christopher Guy’s prestigious listing of accomplished projects includes the Wynn Resorts in Las Vegas and Macau, the prominent Phoenix Resort in Sanya, China and the Ritz Carlton, Tokyo, to mention just a few. His furnishings have become stars in their own right in films such as “Casino Royale,” “The Devil Wears Prada,” and the “Hangover.”

    Christopher’s eye for detail, passion for design and ability to capture and reflect a distinctively classic yet contemporary mood has ensured the Christopher Guy name is at the forefront of luxury furnishings design around the world. Christopher Guy continues to grow via stand-alone stores in West Hollywood, Chicago, Verona, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, to name a few, and has established growth strategies on every continent with the latest growth targeting the Middle Eastern Market.

    In June 2011, Christopher Guy took Europe’s center stage at London’s Harrods with a magnificent Christopher Guy showroom on its renowned furniture floor. This stage was again compelling as Christopher Guy stole the show during the latest Decorex exhibition in London. Designed specifically for Decorex 2012, Christopher Guy created a sculptural centerpiece fondly titled, “CG’s Beacon of Craftsmanship.” Capturing the attention of all visitors, the staggering 8 meter high tower comprised of 270 individual pieces of hand-carved CG designs was mounted in a carefully orchestrated ad hoc manner and visible from every angle of the vast Decorex marquee.

    The Christopher Guy Las Vegas showroom, welcoming an international and domestic clientele, is located at World Market Centre, Building A, Level 1, Suite 100, Las Vegas, NV 89106. For more information, please visit our official website or contact Jessica Weeman at 212-684-2197.

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